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Craig Michaels
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Fantastic nighttime village LoreRaider. It looks fun to explore each of the huts. Coastal Village was the very first Tomb Raider level I played as a demo, and so I always look forward to returns to the South Pacific. I especially like the shafts of moonlight through the trees.

If I may make one suggestion, a few of the trees look like the end abruptly at the sky. Perhaps opaque leaf textures near the top of the trees, or a set of slightly slanted tiles around the top would help to make the transition look more natural?
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So much talent in this thread! Really looking forward playing many of these levels!
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I think that I maybe join the competition too.

I know before results are known that I will be one of last but it does not even matter. Matter on the fun while you creating a level. Matter on the fun you have while you play all those levels.

Cause it is just a few months back I begin with TR-NGLE(It is 1 year but I did not use it for 6 months) I do not take something too hard or too easy. I go in a mid way.

As I told, there is one huge MAYBE, cause I have a lot of stuff to do in real life and I do not know if I can make it in time. I know there are more than 3 months left. (3months and 11 days)

For my project, I have a plan and I will stick with it on 90%. There are a few more things I need to do.

The end of the talk around, I'll go straight to the point.

I will use textures from Tomb Raider 2 from maps Temple of Xian and Floating Island.

MAYBE-TR2-Temple of Xian + Floating Island
Name of project: AoD
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I think I will give it a try ! Not sure to be able to finish in time because I will be probably very busy with real life, but I want to try it, it's been so long since I did something with TRLE !

Edit: I'll probably go with India.

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DJ Full
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Agent how did you know my theme is To Be Continued
I don't remember revealing this to anybody
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Relic Hunter
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Arghhh... my level so far is way too linear .. the rooms are all plain, square and literally in a straight line LOL
I sketched some key ideas down, but as of right now, I'm just building as I go without any real plan..

I am quite tired today after a loooong day at work - so maybe I'm just tired and not doing my best..

How do you guys approach making a level from scratch.. ya know - starting off.

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My level is in done (Beta stage)
156 rooms and 55 minutes of gameplay
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^ you can now rest for 3 months
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Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces View Post
^ you can now rest for 3 months
*beta test for 3 months!
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^ Haha Wow Sabatu, you build so fast! Can't wait to play your level
“Waiting is for the patient” (Croft, 2006).
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