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Default It's a Madhouse... A Madhouse!

(click the Photobucket pics to actually see the pictures until I get everything up on the TRF albums)

Taking place during Lara's quest for the Hand of Rathmore, recall the ending portion of Sleeping With the Fishes. No sight of the Hand of Rathmore, but Lara finds the strange blue substance along with horrific experiments being done, so she must be on the right track. Upon further examination, she notices that the samples are in boxes being shipped to a zoo in France. Perhaps that is the next place to go? She takes a boat at the surface and washes ashore the beaches of a town in France. Now let's see where that artifact is after all this time...

As I'm sure some of you are aware, this was originally going to be my entry for AgentXP's Create a Classic competition. I was not able to finish it in time, so I plan on releasing it as a standalone project, with the intention of at least releasing it in time for Tomb Raider 3's 20th Anniversary. This level is by no means a remake of It's a Madhouse, nor is it intended to be treated as such. It is my own reimagining of the events of that section of the The Lost Artifact. It is a tribute to It's a Madhouse (obviously) and Reunion, as those are a couple of my favorite levels in the series, which happen to be in my favorite game in the series as well.
There's also a (not so secret) bonus level thrown in for teh lolz. Deal with it.


Really Old Videos

Old Streams from 2016 (May be somewhat spoiler-y I don't remember haha)

(Building with some gameplay and Marooned [another project lol] thrown in)

What do you think?

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DJ Full
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Originally Posted by tombraiderxii View Post
What do you think?
You know what I think
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Alex Fly
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I love the TR3 Gold version and your medias about it looks very promising!
Ask yourself WWLD: What would Lara do? :)
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this is the good ****
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Looking very good!
Not "It's a Madhouse... A Madhouse!" though...
It's "It's a Madhouse... A Madhouse!" to the power of 10.
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Originally Posted by DJ Full View Post
You know what I think
^ Ditto I'm so glad you plan to finish this awesome level
“Waiting is for the patient” (Croft, 2006).
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Your use of colour is whimsical but at the same time it commands the eye to the right areas of highlight and lowlight, which is a difficult thing to pull off. Screen 4 and 5 especially. Furthermore the fog in the Croft Manor looking area is an interesting colour but it fits. I admire this style!

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I was so sad when I didn't see it listed when the create a classic competition ended. But so glad you didn't give up on it! can't wait for it!!!
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I was waiting to hear about this, it was one of the levels I was looking forward to playing during that competition. Is it too early to ask about a release date? :x
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I was wondering what happened to this project lol

Glad to see you're still working on it tho, it looks good!
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