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Originally Posted by Heckler View Post
Keeping info under wraps and juggling with our day-jobs until we release a playable released. And also while making way figuring out how to optimize all the lovely new tech that has come out recently. Like realtime raytracing in UE4 to Unity's HDRP features. I've fallen into the trap a couple of times last year of working on features and revealing them that I ended up scrapping. Rapids in Madubu Gorge to name a few. After playing through that tsunami bit in SOTTR I'd love to go for something like that instead. At the moment I'm also figuring out how to do a steady animation driven rope swinging system like in SOTTR and Uncharted 4. Looks better than the usual stiff gliding all over the place. So yeah. I'm not keen on scrapping this project anytime soon.
Thanks for the update

Always looking forward to more info on this.
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Glad to read some news from you, Heckler!
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Its great to hear from you again, Heckler! As always, take all the time you need.
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Any news?
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