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Originally Posted by LeelooBastet View Post
MMORPG huge maps without boundaries (Guild Wars2, WoW etc...)
Why would that be possible with Tomb Editor? It's just an editor, it doesn't change the engine... The limits would still make the game lag and crash if there was too much going on on screen.
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Women Enemies in addition to Men, like poachers, troopers, cannibals, thugs, guards, and especially ninjas to name a few.

Creature Enemies! Be it Animals, Mutants, Dinosaurs, and anything in between. Would really love to see Vampires though. Animals I would like to see are Asian Black Bears with the Bear model, Hyenas with the Doberman model, and Hornbills with bird model. The Black Bear has TRAnniversary Bear sounds, the Hyena has uniqe hyena sounds, and the Hornbill has the same sounds from the TR3 Vultures.

Outfits as new playable characters, would love to see Saya from the Blood+ Anime as replacement Lara.

New character NPCs with interesting backstories and excellent voice acting. I could really use some voice actors/actresses for 2 4-5 level projects Ill soon work on after I do the tutorials, and when Iím familiar with the editor, may be a while though.

Enemies and creatures that fade away into thin air when killed. I usually like to take a good look at the critters I killed, so if we had enemies and creatures that wonít fade away when killed, that would be nice.

Melee combat, like kicking or sword fighting.

Iíll update when I think of some reference Pictures soon.

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Originally Posted by ESP1992 View Post
Enemies and creatures that fade away into thin air when killed. I usually like to take a good look at the critters I killed, so if we had enemies and creatures that won’t fade away when killed, that would be nice.
A bit off topic on my part, but since you want to make your own levels now, I just wanted to say it is possible to not have dead enemies fade away.
When using TRNG, put this in the script of the level: Customize= CUST_KEEP_DEAD_ENEMIES, ENABLED
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What I like:
Exploring areas that have something mystical but at the same time can be very exciting and exciting.
The ambience of lights and shadows as well as fog
That you can make Lara the way you want, how she wears her hair, her clothes, her weapons.
That you can completely create the world in which Lara runs and climbs.
The nostalgia of the TRLEs.

What I do not like:
If opponents are too strong and you ever need to defeat them.
If you get stuck in a level and do not know what to do next. Not enough hints get which way to take or too difficult a puzzle. But on the side I understand it but if you have a challenge.

What I miss:
I would find a Btb with the theme of Egypt or Mexico very exciting, of course, this year's theme is very cool.
Opponent with background story that makes the level even more exciting
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-Huge hub rooms you either ascend or descend throughout the level.
-"sneak peaks" of upcoming rooms through gates, high windows, etc.
-Underwater sections. Probably an unpopular opinion, I find swimming in TR oddly satisfying
-Tight timed runs, but not crazy. 3-4 tries at most.

-Classic textures/music/etc. A lot of new levels look too "glossy" to me, it has an uncanny valley quality.


-Fire puzzles/traps. I've never liked the logic of Lara busting into flames by grazing a fire tile.
-Razor thin jumps. If I have to reload a hundred times, I'm bored.
-Generally anything that gets its "challenge" by exploiting a weakness in the TRLE. Lara would be able to climb through that mid-wall crawlspace IRL, it breaks the immersion.
-Switches with no indication of what they do.

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  • TR4 font at main menu/inventory
  • bad lighting on objects
  • failed attempt when adding/modify some Lara animations

  • great atmosphere
  • smooth textures
  • cutscenes

  • TRAOD based levels
  • originality (i mean, how many Peru TR1 levels are there already? lmao stop)
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Wolf 7
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  • Tomb Raider Chronicles soundtrack
  • Big places to explore
  • Long and quite (a lot) challenging games (Such as QRS's Egypt and Beyond the complete adventure)
  • Cut Scenes
  • Nice developed story (Titak's Himalayan Misteries, Mist of Avalon; Max's Ancient Artifact I and II)
  • Tomb Raider Chronicles and Angel of Darkness sfx
  • Snowy levels
  • Castle levels (Such as Maxx's Nethermore castle)
  • Jungle levels

  • Almost everything from Tomb Raider The Last Revelation (Especially soundtrack)
  • Dogs and Wolves as enemies (I'm a Wolves-lover, I just can't kill them)
  • Egyptian Levels
  • Levels with no story behind them
  • endless pushable sequences

  • Tomb Raider Reboot or ROTTR sfx (I just love them!)
  • Multiple endings based on the player's chooses
  • Map in level (I know there's a way to do that thanks to a tutorial by AkyV)
  • Subtitles during dialogues or cutscenes
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I know some people would have said some of these but here we go
  • A story
  • Custom Weapons
  • Timed Stuff

  • Weapon Restrictions like you can only have a certain number of guns in each game,
  • Big Mazes (More so Underwater or in a toxic gas room)
  • Levers the operate a door far away, I mean just give us a key.
  • When a level ends so abruptly.

  • Atlantis Levels. (I rarely see them)
  • Complete games with mutliple locations and 10+ levels. (OK we have Hypersquare but other that that not much was released recently)
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- Vertical gameplay, where you have to climb, backflip, use slopes, things like that.
- Not linear gameplay, where you can choose to complete a task before another.

- The pull-up animations similar to TR Legend where Lara gets on a block directly standing up (example: King Arthur Project, Tomb Raider Secret Agent, Tomb Raider Requiem). Please, I know that the original animation is slow but do exist other animations faster and similar to the original one.
- When I use a switch and no hint screen shows me what happen.
- Music that is NOT a soundtrack but a playlist. The importance of music is often undervalued. Sometimes you find music in a game that is like a punch in an eye.

- The Snowball gun. The one created by Horus (I'm not sure about it) also used by Mr XY
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-Extensive levels
-Good story
-A lot of opponents
-Difficult puzzles
-Other outfits. Not just a classic outfit.
-Variety of levels.


-No story
-Small levels
-Missing textures, bugs etc.


-Tomb raider 2 levels.
I don't know what to write here...

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