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This game used to be a pain in the ass to play on the PC due to DosBox which crashed every few minutes. It had plenty of other issues as well, like the missing soundtrack.

Since the release of TombATI though we can happily play the game whenever we want and without any problem.

As we speak, I've started another playthrough! It's not my favorite game of the franchise but it has a special place in everyone's heart and with good reason.

To answer your question: somewhere around 5 or 7 times.
↔ played TRII between 15 - 20 times due to it not crashing.
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I've never had any real problems with TR1/UB using DOSBox (v.73?) and nGlide. It is not perfect but the audio is fine with the one exception: when LC is swimming underwater the sound goes slightly crackly but that's it.

Like all the first five TRs I've installed I can launch TR/UB without disc or any other hassle like that only minor thing is having to use Joy2Key for the controller mapping but I'd assume that applies to TombATI too.

I'm loathe to reinstall it using TombATI just in case it borks anything but if I ever get my second PC finished I will certainly use it instead.
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Every so often I try to do a complete TR playthrough, but I usually give up at Maria Doria. As a consequence, I've completed TR1 more than any other TR game; about 4-5 times.

That said, I hold a much greater emotional attachment to TR3 and TR4, which I grew up with during my childhood. But I have to admit that TR1 is the most polished of the classics; it's consistently great. On the other hand, the later classics have great moments, but also really bad moments...
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around 10 times i think. unfinished business 3 times
and an enormous amount of hours in her house and the first view levels when i was a child
Hi, I'm Marissa. I'm super excited to take trf's look to the next level.
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Too many times to remember, lol. Planning on playing through it again after I shower for the night! May try to play 1 & 2 straight through.
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Haven't counted... but it's the only TR game where I can remember every single secret location

I always aim for a 100% run when I play it.
Can't play TR and ignore the secrets... It bugs me if the level statistics look like this:

24 enemies killed
19 pickups
0 of 3 secrets
X time completed
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4 times: P But I will pass it for another thousand Times.

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Like if you agree.
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Everyone has their own favorite classic TR game that they play the most, and my favorite has to be TR2.

Having said that, I have played them all many times.
With TR4 being the least, due to its massive size and so many levels.
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