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Whenever they say I guess, at this point I don't really care about 8th DLC. They've had multiple opportunities to be transparent with us, but I guess leopards never change their spots. It's always been this way and I see it won't be changing anytime soon.

If the DLC happens it happens, but I'm not holding my breath. Once I finish my DO playthrough of the game I'm deleting it for space on my HD. Honestly unless a lot of changes are made to TR12 then I won't be interested in purchasing it. And I say this not for the sake of pride or to be petty, but for the sake of hope that there will be some kind of change that never happened in Shadow.
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It is summer here now (at least getting warmer lol) for us so I want to spend more time outside- walking, swimming, BBQs w/friends, etc. Unless something new is released and/or updated I will not be on the xBox much until Fall. If nothing new;then, will replay TR2013, ROTTR, and SOTTR including all DLCs for all. I have played other games, but not into those “Shoot to Kill” games.

Edit: Still wish I had kept all my PC TR games. I like playing on the xBox big screen, but who know we would not be getting more for awhile. sad
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"SOON" Or they will just add a 1mb patch to remove the 8th slot.
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Originally Posted by JaySouth View Post
"SOON" Or they will just add a 1mb patch to remove the 8th slot.
There were 2 patches and they didn't remove it.
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I just want endurance, please, with all this time you guys could have worked on this.
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