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Default Lara Croft is a lesbian?

Lara and Sam have a romantic relationship?

A document (in Sam's diary) in the 2013 game writes:"...all Lara wanted to do was explore ruins, but who knew we'd run into so many cute guys? Certainly not Lara, haha!"

Some girls do holding hands, hugging, complimenting. This is not a sign of homosexuality.

In a document writes "My best friend Sam". (at Shadow of the Tomb Raider)

Rhianna's description on the Reddit is as follows;
"Thank you! There is obviously a level of support and friendship there that indicates a clear closeness. We chose not to specify what that was (in the context of the few days that the game takes place) and allow for individual interpretation.
Okay, I know that sounds like a cop out, sorry. But in all honesty, it's difficult for me to talk about because they are only partly my characters and I neither own the IP nor have final say on aspects like this. I had more freedom in the comics, which is one of the reasons that they include an openly gay character (Kaz, Alex's sister.)"
I just want to ask this; Is it a romantic relationship with Sam or a straight girlfriend relationship?

It seemed to me more like a sister relationship. But I am not sure and confused.

What do you think about it?

Note: I'm sorry for my bad English.

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Yes. :-)
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Definitely yes
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She's gay only for Sam.
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I hope the devs will never explore her sexuality and put her into romances.
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No, she's British.
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I think this is better in the TR (2013) section as Sam is in that game, but not in SotTR,only mentioned.


And no. They're friends, it's perfectly normal to act as Lara and Sam do, especially if you take into account what was happening around them.
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For me, I personally don’t like characters suddenly becoming gay or “changing their sexuality” if that was never the intention when creating that character. Besides, I just never saw Lara as a lesbian.

I could kinda see that with Sam though.
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Her sexuality has simply never been explored in the TR series (apart from AOD... I think).

I suppose they had an opportunity to weave it in when designing the reboot character, but I think that train has left. I think any attempt now to expand her sexuality or any other aspect of her character would probably look like a vain attempt to make Lara feel relevant again.

Also Sam and Lara are two girlfriends... not to be confused with err... Lara being Sams girlfriend in a relationship way.

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