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I work from home but it was sheer luck that I got a job like that. First and foremost think of what positions there are that allow for working from home in the first place and then look for offerings that match that, and look for them on a verified website which doesn't host bogus listings or get rich quick schemes.
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tlr online
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Some posts have been removed. Please do not post links to web sites claiming to make you money.
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Originally Posted by tlr online View Post
Some posts have been removed. Please do not post links to web sites claiming to make you money.
Well, I hope someone can remember what my reply was, since I can't. I guess merely removing the link wasn't a viable option.
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Greatest TR
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I work at home and in a backgarden shed, I do Furniture making and Watchmaker/Service. I have build my own reputation and gaining alot of my customer as well. I do make awful alot of income but however I have been taught furniture making/ carpenter in college and university but the highlight is that watchmaking and service is a self taught on my own. Now I'm heading and setting up of my own business.

I do suggest that you should take into look for self taught at home whatever you prefer to do with your skills. It's pretty easy and fun, much better than sitting down all day on laptop and so on or minimum wage on dead end slavery jobs.

It's possible.
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