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Default SteveOfWarr's TR Retrospectives

I've just discovered this series on YouTube and I think it's brilliant and hilarious. He's done the first three Tomb Raider games thus far and has hinted he'll do the rest of the series later. Watch them here:

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Alex Fly
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I knew his videos, awesome indeed. Looking forward to more retrospectives!
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Greatest TR
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Never heard of this channel before, He sounds decent and honest

I just subscribed it
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Been really enjoying this series so far, looking forward to the next!
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His videos are really enjoyable, I love how he does a deep dive into everything!
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Relic Hunter
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Holy cow, those videos are Hilarious. Especially the Tomb Raider 3 video.

"Even if you think you can avoid it you won't and you will die like the bitch this game thinks you are."

Hope he does Tomb Raider 4 soon.

Also gotta appreciate how he actually explains how the controls are not bad and are instead the most innovative as they allow full and complete precise control of a character in a game that is all about platforming.

So many people would just crap all over the controls automatically assuming they are bad because "de be dem tank controls" when in actuality they aren't bad controls they just aren't controls that mainstream gamers are used to.
Worry about what needs to be worried about

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Tomb Raider
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Thanks for sharing, I can already tell I like these!
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I love this
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