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I just finished the final episode and I've never felt so underwhelmed over a TV series before.

I started watching the show two months ago, and I was enjoying every minute of it up until the end of S6. Then comes the most boring season they could produce. The 'romance' between Jon and Daenerys felt forced, too much useless talking, and the idea that Jon is Aegon Targaryen is utterly stupid and served no real purpose. On the flip side, the death of littlefinger stood out.

And the infamous 8th season.... I have to admit that the 3rd episode (the Long Night) is one of the best episodes in the show. One thing I didn't like is how dark everything was and oftentimes I couldn't see ****. I also cringed a bit when they gathered around the fire to say nothing useful the night before the fight.

And how do you continue after a good episode? Ah yes, you turn Daenerys into a complete psychopath in just 2 episodes... I always viewed Khaleesi as a very impulsive and hot tempered person with a few loose screws, but kind and fair nontheless. She is one of those people that can be the sweetest person on earth when everything is going according to their plans, but when something doesn't work out they lose control. But what she did at King's Landing was wayyy too much... She had no reason to do that, she had already won. I know she lost two dragons and friends, and it would be completely understandable if she flew straight to the Red Keep and burned it down. But no, first she had to burn half of King's Landing row by row in a horizontal way for no reason...

The final episode is empty, lifeless and just underwhelming, I don't know what elese to say about it. It feels like the story was not properly concluded and no justice was done for the characters.

Well, now that this is over I will start watching Twin Peaks. I hope this doesn't dissapoint.
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The final half of Season 8 was the dumbest ever, especially the last episode.

Amongst the many things I didn't like, even now I feel annoyed that somehow we're supposed to believe that Greyworm and the Dothraki wouldn't have just killed Jon and Tyrion after Dany's death. I mean who was there to even stop them.

And that Greyworm would call the lords of Westeros to give them a trial.

Expecting that Danaerys would get justice from a bunch of attendees made up of:

-Jon's 2 sisters (Ayra & Sansa)
-Jon's best friend (Sam)
-Jon's brother (Bran)
-Jon's sister's / brother's bodyguard (Brienne)
-Jon's sister's / brother's cousin (Lord of the Vale)
-Jon's sister's uncle (Edmund Tulley)

In what universe would anyone do that.

And why did anyone really care about Tyrion enough to listen to him? He killed his own father, strangled the woman he loved and betrayed his Queen (as hand of the Queen), he was a Lannister who supposedly everyone hates. He had never given any good advice - in Meeren the city was overrun by the slavers until Danaerys returned, then on their arrival in Westeros his advice was pretty poor and dragged out events unnecessarily.

I know we understand the journey he was on but in this society, these sorts of behaviours are supposed to mark you out as despised - kinslayer, queenslayer, breaker of oaths, etc.

The whole rules of the world were changed to enable a fantasy happy ending. Ughh.
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