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Lord Insidious
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Default Can’t change controls in “Unfinished Business” via TombATI

Hello, raiders.

I’m having problems yet again with my Tomb Raider game — this time with the expansion pack, Tomb Raider: Gold, or Unfinished Business.

So, last night, I finally finished the first Tomb Raider game after playing for a few months. Got most of the secrets, too. Felt good. But something in me was yearning for more. So, I decided to start on the expansion pack next.

Well, I got everything set up and running okay with TombATI, but there is just one problem: I can’t map certain controls on my controller. Plus, the “added music triggers” mod doesn’t seem to be working, but anyway... In particular, I am having trouble with the “JUMP” button. When I press “ENTER” on my keyboard and try to press the button I want to map for the “JUMP” button on my controller, the game doesn’t do anything and won’t let me configure my settings properly.

It lets me map the button properly on my regular game, however. How could that be?

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I've not used TombATI but I've always found the inbuilt TR1 PC controller mapping a bit flakey. No idea about why there should be any problem mapping UB identically to TR1 but it sounds very much like the sort of controller mapping issues I had with both TR1 and UB.

So I always use Joy2Key for TR & UB, the only one(s) of the five older games I need to use it. Mapping almost everything to the number pad (PAD) avoids the problems I've encountered trying to map other main keyboard keys.

4/6/8/2 for movement L/R/F/B
Button 1: Forward Slash / draw guns (triangle on a PS controller)
Button 2: 5 roll (circle on a PS controller)
Button 3 : Minus - action (X on a PS controller)
Button 4 : Plus + jump (square on a PS controller)
Button 5 : 7 step left (L2 on a PS controller)
Button 6 : 9 step right (R2 on PS controller)
Button 7 : 1 look (L1 on a PS controller)
Button 8 : 3 walk (R1 on a PS controller)
Button 9 : Esc inventory/exit (Select on the PS controller)
Button 10: Del. pause (Start on the PS controller)*

* effectively identical to the Esc button.
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