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Default Tomb Raider 2013's engine

I was interested in seeing if there was any info for the game engine that crystal is using for the latest TR games and I stepped upon this page that has a whole hour of showing the TR2013's engine and its tools . It has some really nice tools and I really liked how the engine connects with maya and the changes that you do transfers to the engine immediately . Another cool tool was the one with the joints that you can connect other parts in them, in that case the helicopter propeller that was attached to the joint . (I would like to do a tool like that for my tools Assignment for my college too because I really liked it lol) Here's the link for the video : https://www.gdcvault.com/play/101791...-Beyond-A-Look

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intresting . i always loved seeing things like this.
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Thanks for sharing, this is interesting stuff.
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