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Tomb Raider
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Default Tomb Raider 24th Anniversary Thread

Today's the day, happy Anniversary to the one and only queen of gaming. It's incredible and insane that 24 years have passed since the release of Tomb Raider 1.

What are some of your favorite memories, moments, or experiences you've had throughout Tomb Raiders 24 years?


My favorite memory is me as a kid playing the Tomb Raider games on PS1. I remember I couldn't read very well back then, since I was such a little runt, that when I saw the title Tomb Raider I'd pronounce it as "Tames War".

I remember I got into this franchise because of the demo disk on PS1 that had Tomb Raider 2. I was always fascinated by women, I actually felt like I secretly was one. Lara Croft was such a strong and impressive character to little me. She still is to this day.

Can only hope for good things going forward with this franchise. Happy Anniversary
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I remember using my older brothers fancy stereo to copy over the music from TR2.

Blank cassette tape, pop the game in with it and the TR2 soundtrack was mine!

We've come a long way.
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I remember trying to play one of the old games on an "emulator website" years ago when I was still a kid, and this website is where you could run old games directly from your browser (I think the name was "game-oldies"). I wasn't a TR fan or anything, I just used to hear a lot about TR in old games compilations so I decided to see what it was about. There were a lot so I didn't knew which one to pick so I picked a random one from the PS1. After waiting the game load for sometime IIRC I see Lara on an outside area that seemed to have a pool around (I'm not even sure what TR game it was, but it kinda resembled Vilcabamba, but I think it was an outside area) and I walked around trying to understand what was happening but couldn't, so I just stopped there.

I then actually became involved with the series after having an actual experience with the TRL demo two years ago. My brother was playing the first reboot game with his friend and he was telling me about that the game was cool and all, so I decided to go to the game's Steam page and found a demo of TRL. I went to check it in curiosity and decided to download the game. Began playing and I immediately liked it, it was something I had never seen before and I had a lot of fun with it that when the demo ended I legitimately was upset. I added the game to my wishlist immediately and then began searching around for more demos of the other games aswell, which then I think I got more of an idea with TRA since it was more exploration and puzzle oriented than TRL and also with the TR1 demo.
I apologize in advance.
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I remember being lucky enough to get a ps3 in early 2011 cause my parents had just upgraded their tv and decided to get one because it was a console that was also a Blu ray player. Anyways my cousins came over to visit that summer and they actually bought some ps3 games with them, including the recently released TR Trilogy. I remember playing stuff like MGS4, TRA/TRU, and that ps3 port of Sonic Unleashed I had always wanted to try out. When they left, I wanted more so I got a PC disc copy of Underworld for an amazing deal (15 dollars I think) and spent a year trying to 100% it. After that, I honestly got bored and decided to move on.

In 2013, I heard a new TR game came out a couple months ago on Origin and was actually considering getting it but I heard rumors it was “only for very powerful computers” and ditched it for something else.

7 years later, the 2020 steam summer sale happened and I had already spent $30 so I had the opportunity to get $5 worth of free games. I had no idea what to pick so I just looked at whatever showed up first on the dashboard and it just so happened to be Tomb Raider. I picked up TR2013 and Underworld (cause I thought I had long lost my disc copy), played them, enjoyed them, snagged Rise before the summer sale ended, and enjoyed it so much I created an account here.
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I played alot of games that worked on the computer I had back in the 90's, then I saw TR, was hooked and stopped playing anything else. Then early 2000's bought another computer that TR was even better played on, more so with later releases and custom levels. But was not interested in anything after 5. Though I do have AOD, never played beyond the first few minutes of it. To this day, still play them on the early 2000's computer.

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I have a good recent one from playing TRL during my 20th Anniversary TR marathon.

During the bike chase in Kazakhstan, I died at the precise moment the checkpoint popped up (the first detour Lara takes from the train). Respawning was interesting to say the least, I can't exactly remember details (I think I respawned on the air directly above the abyss, or Lara was turning backwards, or a combination of both), the only thing that I remember was that it was a pain in the neck to redirect her to her proper track, and it took a number of tries.

Then there are the classics about me being scared to death while playing TR1-5.

I have another good one from TR2013, surprisingly. It was during the multiplayer, the Monastery map was my favorite, because I would just set traps, while hiding like a coward (game was way too chaotic to aim), with relative success. I got to be the executioner once, just by setting traps.

Playing TR1 will always be my favorite thing, though. I just really love the game
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Playing SOTTR right now for the first time. Gosh i'm late.
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My first experience with Tomb Raider was around 2003 - 2004. I was 4-5 years old and I had a PSone with Tomb Raider 1 and 2, Crash, Spyro and Croc. I loved playing TR1 and TR2, they were difficult for me because I was young but I played them everyday and sometimes my older sister would help me. I remember getting stuck in TR1 on the Cistern and in Barkhang Monistary in TR2 because I ran out of medipacks. I never actually completed those games until a few years later.

When The Cradle Of Life came to cinemas in 2003, my sister took me to see it. I remember seeing Lara punch the shark and I also loved the Asian cities Lara visited in that movie.

Around 2004 or 2005 I found a copy of Tomb Raider chronicles in a game store and my mum bought it for me. I remember thinking how the graphics were a lot nicer than TR1 and TR2. I ended up getting stuck in the submarine level because I didn't know you could use the crowbar on the chef. Some time later, I managed to pass that area with he help of an online walkthrough when my family got internet around 2007ish.

In July 2005 I moved to my new house and I found a copy of Tomb Raider 3 for the PS1 In a games store that was nearby our house My sister bought it for me and I played it up until the second level where it just stopped working. I guess the disc was scratched or something. I never actually finished TR3 until 2012 or so when I downloaded it for PC. In that same store, they also had copies of the Last Revelation which my sister told me she used to play when I was a baby. She told me about Lara being a teenager in TLR and I thought it was really cool. Unfortunately, they didn't have a copy for the PS1, only copies for PC and Dreamcast. Some time later, my sister brought me home TLR for the PS1 because she found it in a store for me. I loved that game and It is my favorite TR till this day. When I got stuck in Alexandria, my sister went to an internet cafe and printed out stellas guide for me.

In 2005 or 2006 I got a PS2 Slim and I got Legend and Angel of Darkness. I had played Angel of Darkness in 2003 or 2004 at a friends house and I remember thinking it was super awkward to control and not like my PS1 games at home. I liked Legend, but not as much as the classics. When Anniversary came out in 2007, I got a copy for the PS2. One day our house got robbed and my copy of anniversary got taken. Later that year for Christmas I got a Wii and a copy of Anniversary for the Wii. In 2008 I got Underworld for the Wii.

Tomb Raider has been in my life since I was very young and I have a lot of fond memories of the series. In 2012, I started collecting Tomb Raider games and Merchandise.

That bring us to present day. Tomb Raider is the not same series it was when I was a kid, but nonetheless, I look forward to see what the future holds for my favorite franchise.
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Okay here's my story:

Way back in 2004, when i started playing games on my Pentium 3 PC. Got TR 2 and started playing it. Started playing Lara's home and got used to of the controls thinking okay this is a big ass house and it seems like her house but now what do i do. After playing around i realized i was playing just a training section and the actual game story mode wasaccessed through the red passport. Then i played the great wall level and damn i fell in love with the game. Then i played TR3 then TR4, got stuck in chronicles so bad and it took me like 1,2 years to complete it (lmao used to play it very less). Played AOD later in 2011 and really loved it with all its flaws. Then played LAU around 2012-2014 period. By that time i came to know that she has another origins story released in 2013 so i started saving for a good graphics card for it (actually had arranged a gfx card for TRU way beforebut was less powerful to push 2013) then finally played TR13 in 2015, again upgraded and played rise in 2016 and then shadow in 2018. I didn't know there was a forum dedicated to this game. Came here during the Shadow's dlc release days in April 2019 and here i am today. TR is my most dearest video game that is very close to my heart and has become a part of my life. Lara Croft is a true hero for me.
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Nice stories

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