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Well, if my memory serves me right, s/he's been banned for at least two weeks.
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Laras Boyfr.
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*cough* both *cough* same *cough* person *cough*
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Shaman and..?
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I think they're trying to drop it that Shaman and Lara's Dream may be one and the same?
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Laras Boyfr.
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Originally Posted by ggctuk View Post
i think they're trying to drop it that shaman and lara's dream may be one and the same?
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Well, the author of this thread is gone, so what's the point in still posting in here...? You can gossip through PMs.
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Well then it's safe to say this project probably didn't have much behind it, if the intention was to get drama going.

God this feels like a Scooby Doo mystery!
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lol, i was gonna post about the screen on the first post till i read that the authors gone

btw, since i just noticed, is lara'sdream/shaman banned forever?
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Time to close this thread since both lead players in this project/affair aren't around anymore, whether this is permanent or not.

If one of them comes back one day this thread can be reopened if they like.
Just let me know and I'll reopen.

But making a new thread then is fine too.
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