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Default Annual playthrough of Underworld

Once every year I re-play all of the Tomb Raider games (TR1-Underworld, Unfinished Business, Golden Mask, Lost Artifact and Guardian of Light) not in any particular order though, in my opinion Underworld is the best game in the franchise and while I do love the PS3 & XBOX 360 versions the best I have thoroughly enjoyed replaying the Wii & PS2 versions they get a lot of negativity but those versions give a different feel to the game as they have a lot of removed content from the PS3 & XBOX 360 versions and Croft Manor on the Wii has the waterwheel room from Beneath The Ashes.

All but 2 cutscenes on the PS2 are from the Wii version the cutscene in Thailand where Lara says "the characters are Vedic sanskrit" is not from the Wii as the layout of the area is completely different to the Wii area of that level and the other cutscene that is different is the Hammer room on Jan Mayen Island on the Wii its one giant room on the PS2 a wall separates the room in two and the wall is visible in the cutscene also the PS2 cutscenes are slightly extended at the start of Mediterranean Sea, Thailand and Artic Sea.

The PS2 version also has the animation for the fast swim press L2 when underwater and Lara will do the animation although its not like it is in the PS3 & XBOX 360 versions.

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