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It's been 5 years, already?

Happy Birthday, Shadow. Well, time flies so bloody fast.
'And yet it moves!' - Galileo Galilei (15641642)
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^ Ikr? I can't believe it as well. It's like it came out last year.
Time really is the most insidious thing in the universe.

Happy b-day Shadow. You are a slog sometimes, but mostly still fun.
It's easier to do a job right, than to explain why you didn't.
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Originally Posted by Lukass View Post
It's been 5 years, already?

Happy Birthday, Shadow. Well, time flies so bloody fast.
Yeah, we definitely should have had another game by now
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Happy 5th, Shadow.

In celebration, my favourite bits of Shadow are:

-Little Lara's referral to herself in the third person (and by surname), "Croft chuckles at her audacity".

-When Crimson Fire and Lara come together at the end. I felt a lump in my throat, that something profound was happening.

-Those scary climbs where Lara had to work out the correct path around overhangs and ceiling sections. There weren't many of them but they were memorable.

-Also... the early bits where Lara's trying to find the object that starts it all off in that dark cavern, swimming sections, scary monster bits, climbing up Croft Manor, dark jungle-y section just after crash.

The future is already here, it's just not very evenly distributed 🞼
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