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Originally Posted by Sabatu View Post
Dont use DosBox .. There is TOmbAti exe
I had not realized that you are the creator of the game.
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Originally Posted by Danielazo View Post
It is correct, but despite that, I have been able to play all archives of TRLE in DosBox, all except this.
Because prior to august 2020, all levels for TR1 were built with dxtre3d, which just copies lightmap from original base level. This level you were playing was created by newest Tomb Editor version which is now capable of building TR1 levels, yet it can't calculate lightmap correctly.

I thought that calculating lightmap for software renderer isn't a big concern because 99% are playing with TombATI now, but seemingly it is not the case. For this reason, I think I will add rough lightmap calculation for next TE version, so this issue won't happen again with all other TR1/2/3 levels built with TE and played in software rendering mode.

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