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New Tshirts. Awards. Free Shipping. Price Drops

Hi all,

How are you holding up? It's been a while since our last update and a few things happened.

First of all - health update. Peter's health have improved slightly, mostly because he was finally diagnosed with Diabetes (only took them nearly a year). At least now we know what is causing it all.

We now offering free shipping on orders over 100. By the way, in line with our transparency pledge we've set up an up-to-date page where you can see our current estimated shipping times:


We've got two brand new apparel with Lara and Kurtis, check them out! We also managed to negotiate a price drop with the supplier on tshirts and vests so if you were waiting to order one now is the time!


Tomb Raider 4 stream
In case you missed our livestream. We played Tomb Raider 4 with Andy Sandham (writer and level designer), Tom Scutt (AI programmer) and Peter Connelly (no idea who that guy is). You can watch a replay here:


Next up is Tomb Raider 3 with Andy Sandham + special guests (TBC). Date and time TBC so follow my twitter and facebook if interested:


The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals awarded us with the platinum dotCOMM award for community management for our work on the Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony.

The heavy (3kg!) trophy was produced by Society Awards who do trophies for Golden Globe, AMA's, Emmy's and MTV!

As a sign-off, and on a different note... I know that the whole situation in the world is not the best at the moment. It is important to look out for your mental health. Remember, it's ok to ask for help - be it counselling or therapy. Check with your GP for this.

We're all under a lot of stress and it's important to get through this <3

Please take care,


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Congratulations to the team for the well-deserved award!

Also, good to know Peter's health is finally recovering (albeit only slowly). It's always good to know what the problem is, so that proper treatment may commence. All the best to him
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Oh my god the reimagined AOD soundtracks sounds like Heaven!!
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