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Originally Posted by Nigel Cassidy View Post
But then again that's never gonna happen because the people who are in charge now got in charge because the current system works fine for them.
But we are a very large nation, and thus the federal/state division plays an important part in keeping us together, I think. If we were more monolithic I think we might have broken up already. Federal rule from the top down doesn't work out too well for large entities - either they break up or end up as empires with a dictator at the top.

As it stands, people with different core values and beliefs in different regions retain some sovereignty because of states' rights, and this is very important if you want the populace to stay content.

Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
No one with a brain believes that propaganda at this point.
Fancy dropping down for a chat, then?
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Originally Posted by Nigel Cassidy View Post
In my opinion the entire US democratic system needs a massive overhaul. The US was the first modern democracy, but that means it's pretty outdated by now. They need to start counting the individual votes rather than the states: that way you will no longer have the cockeyed situation were Wyoming with it's less than a million people has the same amount of representation as California with a population and economy the size of France's.
Counting states rather than votes also means a republican living in a democratic state has pretty much no representation whatsoever and vice versa.
I also think they need to allow more parties than just two and let them rule as a coalition. If two parties agree on the same thing there is no room for alternatives.
They also need to have election days on saturdays or sundays so more people show up to vote.

But then again that's never gonna happen because the people who are in charge now got in charge because the current system works fine for them.

As for political correctness: yes it is important to be political correct in many cases, but as always the radicals have taken things too far and pushed them into absurd levels to the point that the backlash has rightfully started. Political correctness should also never go at the cost of factual correctness.
I agree with what youíre saying. The electoral college system we have is flawed. If I go out with friends and weíre voting on where we should eat, and 3 friends say ďItalianĒ but one says ďChineseĒ it should be clear that Italian wins.
However, if this is like American electoral college that one friend can win bc she lives in Wyoming and counts as 3.6 of a vote by herself.
It also doesnít make sense for me as a Dem living in a red state to vote at all in the election since it wonít matter. Same for Republicans in California. Having one vote for each person would make much more sense.

Thereís quite a few states now that have opted to turn their electoral college votes over to the popular vote winner of the state. Thereís no enough states doing it right now to matter but maybe one day itíll change for the better.

Iím not sure how the two parties we have now would allow for a separate party to come in and split things up. I would love that but Iím not sure how it would happen. Iím more hoping for the current Republican Party to die out with Trump, then all these moderate Liberals will be the new conservatives and the more left leaning progressives will be the liberal party. I can dream Itís shocking to see how far right the Republicans have become, especially looking at it over the years, and then also seeing the Democrats moving more and more right with them in order to appear moderate. Now theyíre in the middle of the progressives and far right Republicans and itís kind of a toss up right now as to who will emerge victorious in 2020. I just hope we have sanity back. And morals. And respect. And facts. And just basic human decency for others. Iíll stop now haha
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