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Soma Holiday
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Default Anyone been to a chiropractor? I need advice.

I need advice. I went to a chiropractor for the first time Monday for carpal tunnel syndrome because my hands are so bad I can barely draw or play video games anymore. The chiropractor told me my neck was curved and that could be causing the issue so he did adjustments on my neck and my arm/wrist. I wasn't having any real neck pain before aside from some stiffness, but it's been 5 days now and my neck is so sore and stiff I can barely move it.

I've been back twice now and he's done stretches since he said he wont do another adjustment until the pain is gone. I'm worries whether I should keep going? Or should I stop and see if it gets better? Everyone tells me the chiropractor helped them so much and the pain will get better before I'm totally fixed but so far I'm scared I'm going to have permanent pain because of this.

Can anyone give me honest advice on what to do? Most articles I see online say the pain should be away in a few hours and he said most people don't have side effects like I've had so far.
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Another chiropractor for a second opinion...

I don't think we are qualified to give advice, but it's one of the above two, preferably the first.

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Go to a real doctor and not a chiroquack.

Chiropractors thrive on repeat business, so they create a reason for you to come back.
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I'm someone who regularly went to chiropractors for years and years for back and neck problems. I have at times also suffered from RSI problems (but not carpal tunnel).

For ages I felt they really helped me but I have now stopped going completely as I think they can be dangerous and just as importantly, they don't solve the problem you have. IMO.

Here's my experience for what it's worth.........

If you have problems with your hands (carpal tunnel, etc), it's your body's way of saying don't do that. I have struggled with that too because I am a big game player and I don't want to give these up And I haven't had to.

The best thing you can do is give your body a rest - you're overusing your hands. Do you have a wrist splint? If not, get one because the twisting and turning of the wrist will be much reduced with one and this will help your carpal tunnel syndrome probably enormously.

Get yourself a decent chair to sit in whilst you're drawing and playing games, make sure it supports you well. If you're sat at a desk make sure it's set up ergonomically - the desk is the correct height, and the chair, etc. These things impact on your wrists enormously. See if you can get a standing / sitting desk so that you can change between sitting and standing as this often helps.

Do some exercise so that your body holds itself up properly. If a part of your body is hurting the other muscles will start to take the strain elsewhere and than can lead to your body imbalancing itself.


About your neck....... If I couldn't move my neck after treatment I definitely would not go back again. That's not typical of being treated by a chiropractor.

It'll probably get better if you rest it but if it's really concerning you, if it's really painful, I would go to the Doctor and see what they say.
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Soma Holiday
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Thank you for the advice, I am starting to see that practical fixes for my hands and posture should have been obvious from the start. I guess the chiropractor just made it sound so quick and easy and painless but it's been none of those things. I am going to ask for an MRI before continuing any further treatments on my neck or spine. I hope the neck pain will go away in a few weeks. thank you for the advice regarding my hands aswell.

Chiroquack haha I like that.
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