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Default Alice Chater Appreciation Thread

Whilst Alice, 26 from Kent, England, is a relatively new talent on the block I'm really surprised she hasn't garnered some attention on these forums before. Taking inspiration from pop stars of the past and trying to bring the glamour back to pop music through catchy music, outlandish costumes well choreographed music videos she has already had quite a number of good songs behind her trying to build a solid presence in the music industry.

I hope to see her release an album soon and was wondering what the reaction to her would be here. Alice has had some songs prior to her semi-mainstream success but it's in recent videos, some in which she samples other well known songs, where she has shone. Click the images to open the videos in Youtube

Personally, Heartbreak Hotel and Hourglass are my favourites but tonight it a bop too. Thief feels too closely produced to sound like an Ariana Grande song.
... in my opinion.
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oh I love her <3

Girls x Boys, Heartbreak Hotel, and Tonight are my faves so far, but I do love Hourglass and Thief as well. She feels like the next big pop girl and I'm here for it

I'm surprised she's not talked about more.
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