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not all costumes are skimpy or meant to be erotic. ppl have been giving sottr lara shorts, for example

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Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
Not entirely true...

Last year (or 2 years ago, I can't remember) Heckler or Nakamichi (can't remember who) succeeded to inject a high poly model into AoD. (the female statue in the Louvre, if I remember correctly)
Also Gh0stblade was able to replace Lara's hair to Sam's hair in TR2013.
He even succeeded to import the DE version of Lara to PC. (I can't remember if it was xbox to pc, or ps to pc.)

Also I remember there was someone who tried to make the TRU dlcs work on PC, but was not succesful.
Inject a model? first I've heard.

So they added/replaced a pre-existing model?
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