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I thought it was okay. Very much Netflix house style, meaning great set and costume design, little to no effects, lots of good actors including exactly one we've heard of before, and lots of use of licensed songs to set the mood. In that particular category, I'd say things like Stranger Things or Dirk Gently's are easily better, but this is still perfectly okay.

Do we get into spoilers in this thread? Because I have some Issues™ with the ending of the first season.
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Dennis's Mom
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And season two dropped with little fanfare.

We're in the early sixties. Kennedy is about to be assassinated.


Avoiding spoilers but I really liked it.
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Honestly I thought Season 2 was boring up until the last two episodes, I was really disappointed with it.
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I'm three episodes in and God I just remembered why I hated Diego so much.
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I finished season 2. Wow, that cliffhanger only means that season 3 is gonna be even crazier.
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