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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
I just don't like Underworlds story that much at all, but it was a struggle for me compared to Shadow. Maybe I should switch Shadow in my list, but I don't know.
They suffer from similar problems but Shadow at least has some good moments, whereas I really have nothing good to say about Underworld's story.
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Cradle of Life

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1. Tomb Raider Legend
2. Tomb Raider IV
3. Tomb Raider 2013
4. Tomb Raider
5. Tomb Raider Anniversary
6. Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness
7. Rise of the Tomb Raider
8. Tomb Raider II
9. Tomb Raider Underworld
10. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
11. Tomb Raider III
12. Tomb Raider Chronicles

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1. Angel of Darkness
Even in its unfinished form it still remains one of my favorites. All the characters are interesting and memorable - ranging from mains like Kurtis and Eckhardt to minor ones like Janice and Luddick. Classic Lara is the most fleshed out she's ever been and still holds up well again her modern interpretations today. The story of the Nephilim was intriguing and it would have been interested to see where it would have gone in its cancelled continuations. Just a shame Von Croy had to go out in the opening.

2. Tomb Raider 2013
After so many of the same "chase the artifact" stories this was something fresh and exciting. Its an excellent prequel with some great ideas. The mystery of Himiko and Yamatai was fascinating and the island was almost a character in itself with its rich history. There are a few things that hold it back. The supporting cast is weak and predictable, Lara's development was inconsistent and they went a bit too far with beating the hell out of her to the point where it became comical. But overall its a fantastic addition to the series.

3. The Last Revelation
The best story of the classic PS1 games. Still good today although perhaps not as much depth compared to the more modern entries. Von Croy was an excellent addition to the series and despite the limited screentime of Seth his presence could be felt throughout the game with the impending apocalypse.

4. TR1
Pretty basic by today's standards but the characters are iconic and the locations memorable. Could really be something with more fleshing out. There are many aspects I did enjoy about this version more than TRA's take - including Natla's goal to accelerate evolution, Lara's original backstory, the sci-fi and horror aesthetics of Atlantis and general mystery that surrounded both the Scion and the Atlantean rulers.

5. Legend
It has its problems such as the short length, needless cliffhanger and rewriting Lara's backstory, but over the years its become one of the more memorable entries. The plot follows the too safe formula of TR1/TR3 but takes the chance to explore each location's story given each a purpose for being there. Amanda was a fun character although not necessarily a good villain (if she can even be called that)

Its a solid entry overall. The myth behind the Prophet and Kitezh is interesting, Ana and Konstantin are easily the strongest of the Reboot trilogy's villains and Jacob is a solid support character. The downside of this story is that it feels all too familiar by recycling many of the same elements from both 2013 and the LAU Trilogy.

7. TR3
A bit too similar to TR1 with many of the same story beats and themes. The overarching plot doesn't make as much sense but I did like the addition of giving each location its own little subplot. While the villains aren't as well developed they and the small supporting characters still manage to be memorable enough.

8. Chronicles
While there might not be much of an overarching plot, the idea of having several short stories was an interesting one. Russia, VCI and the Black Isle were all solid entries, and while Rome is the weakest overall with not much in the way of story it more than makes up for it with the fun interactions between Lara, Larson and Pierre.

Mayan mythology is intriguing but they really missed the boat here. For an impending apocalypse the world never really feels like its in danger. The parent melodrama is rehashed for the 6th time (or 8th if we include the two movies), the characters aren't interesting and after so much build up Trinity is given an underwhelming send off.

10. Anniversary
Coming off from Legend, AOD and even Chronicles - the story for this game just feels flat and empty. It doesn't really take the chance to explore the story of TR1 into deeper and richer detail. Instead elements like the first kill and parent drama are shoehorned in for the sake of being there despite never feeling like an organic part of the story.

Both Lara and Natla come off as flat and emotionless throughout the game (especially considering the VAs gave much livelier performances in Legend and Underworld) and their motivations seem much more one dimensional compared to the original game despite given much more screentime. Pierre is made redundant to the story having neither the in-game presence of TR1 or the characterization of TR5. Natla's henchmen are also a perfect example of why "less is more". Larson was really the only character that was better than his previous appearances, even though he came with an undignified end.

11. TR2
Probably the best use of globetrotting in the series. Each transition to the next location was natural unlike many of the other games in the series. Aside from that there's not much else. The plot was pretty non existent in this game.

12. Underworld
It was supposed to be a continuation of Legend. Instead the King Arthur mythology suddenly dropped in favor of Norse mythology coming out of the blue while traveling to locations that have nothing to do with it (Thailand and Mexico... really?) The story follows the same formula as TR1/TR3/Legend/Anniversary which was beyond stale at this point. One of the weakest points of the game is following the explosion of the manor where the story stops dead and absolutely nothing happens until revisiting Amanda's ship much later.

Natla's big return is wasted by recycling her same plot line from TRA (which was already a retelling of TR1) while Amanda is given very little to do. The Doppelganger was a jump the shark moment and the dead parent storyline being stretched out into its third game is enough to place this one at the bottom.

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Favorite to least favorite based on plot:

1. Tomb Raider I
2. Tomb Raider II
3. Tomb Raider IV
4. Tomb Raider III
5. Tomb Raider V
6. Tomb Raider Underworld
7. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
8. Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness
9. Rise of the Tomb Raider
10. Tomb Raider 2013
11. Tomb Raider Legend

TRA not included as it was a remake
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The best :

Last Revelation, Angel of Darkness and Legend.

The really good little story :

Tomb Raider 1/ Anniversary

Very fun but compilations rather than stories :

TR3 and Chronicles

A bit messy but very interesting story :


A bit boring at times but nice story :


Cheesy but decent story :

Underworld and TR 2013

Non existing story :

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I don't really consider the first few games to be particularly story driven. I think at around TR4, it felt like narrative became more involved in the storyline.

1,2 and 3 had the same story
TLR and AOD had the same story
Legend and Underworld had the same story (and somewhat Anniversary)
Rise and Shadow had the same story

I don't think strong narrative has ever been TR's forte, even when the games have become more narrative driven. The story has often been just enough to provide some background for the game.

In terms of ranking... No idea

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It's hard to rate, because the way I feel about the games overall, beyond the plot, has an effect on how I vote

1) Tomb Raider 2013
Plot wise, I think 2013 is the best one, regardless of some small issues, I think it has an amazing plot, and I love the whole Yamatai mythology, and I feel it flows pretty well. The story feels well planned from beginning to end. To me, if feels the most well planned one out of the franchise.

2) Shadow of the Tomb Raider
I love most of the main plot, save for the how the Trinity arc ends. Overall I loved the Maya mythology, the power to reshape the world, the cataclysms, the Yaxxil as well as the sub-plot of how Trinity took control over Paititi, and Andres Lopez mission and change of heart, plotting with Paititi's leader to hide the box from Trinity, travelling and settling in San Juan, and eventually succumbing to madness after his obsession with the box and its protection

3) Rise of the Tomb Raider
I love the plot about Lara finding answers. Going after myths to prove to herself myths are actually real, that Yamatai wasn't only her imagination, and being in her obsesssive state of mind, and I also loved the whole sub-plot about Jacob's people journey, being tracked on, but gathering followers, and finally settling in Siberia and building Kitezh

4) Tomb Raider: Anniversary / Tomb Raider
I love Natla, and I love the mythology about the three sibling gods, and the brothers imprisioning Natla due to her crimes, and she eventually breaking out and fooling Lara into getting what she needed

5) Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation
I love the plot of how Lara's egoism and carelessness leads her to make a huge mistake in Egypt, revolving two powerful gods, and running against time to avoid a catastrophe

6) Tomb Raider: Underworld
I like the plot and mythology, especially" mixing" Mayan and Norse mythologies. I didn't like the way it ended though, it was really underwhelming

7) Tomb Raider: Legend
I love the plot about the sword, and its pieces being scattered and associated to real life myths, such as King Arthur.

8) Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft
I love the game, but the plot IDK. I liked the pieces from a meteor filled with power being scattered around the globe, and Lara going after them

9) Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
I hated the running away from the police plot, but I liked the obscura paitings and mythology around it

10) Tomb Raider: Chronicles
A mixture of plots, and I prefer focusing on a single one

11) Tomb Raider II
The game feels so boring to me, that it lead me to not care about the plot
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Very interesting lists so far! I'm surprised TR2 is ranked relatively low in general, it's always been one of my favorites.

I like the simplicity of the narrative and the fact it doesn't have a lot of plot exposure through dialogue. The cutscenes are very mood-setting and you have to use your imagination to fill in the gaps that the incredible sceneries and level design create. In a way it always reminds me of a sort of Soulsborne vibe in terms of its "world building", if you can even call it that for a 1997 release.
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Okay, here comes mine:

1. TR4. I love how it shows a flawed Lara that made a mistake and tries to fix it. I think this game shows the best Lara and it also makes use of the Egyptian mythology like no other game ever did.

2. AoD. Same as before, here we can see a damaged Lara that heals through the game, and in conjuction with TR4, we get the whole picture. I wasnt a big fan of Eckard, but the story was interesting despite having some flaws. And that ending, with the eternal cliffhanger, makes me emotional.

3 and 4. TR1 and TR5. The first one present us Lara Croft, the great adventurer. It has a simple plot, yet it is enough to drove us through the game. The rest of the cast is fine, specially Natla and Larson. We have to remember this is 1996, and despite it they managed to give us cutscenes, FMVs, a good and consistent lore...

TR5 expanded upon the created universe. Showed us a frightened teen Lara that manages to defeat a demon, a caring Lara that shows mercy on a previous enemy, some comedy with Larson and Piers, how versatile Lara is being able to sneak in a high security building, and how she has friends that mourn her. And also, despite me not liking daddy issues plot, I loved how her parents showed at the funeral even having disinherited her. It was very moving.

5. TR2013. The plot isnt very bad, nor very good. If at the end of the game and the begining of the next, Lara became more like her classic self, this game would tank higher than TR5 and TR1 probably. Or at least would be better. There are good moments but I feel the ending spoils what could have been a much better story.

6. TR3. The plot isnt very important nor original, feels like a copy of TR1, yet the cast of side characters, Lara's interactivo s with them, and the cutscenes makes the narration good enough to be enjoyable.

7. TR2. There isnt much of a plot to be honest. The villain is almost non-existant, but the setting and context makes up for it. I rank it here because i prefer a non-existant plot to a bad plot. And from here, that's what we are getting.

8. Legend. Here is where we start shoehorning her daddy and mummy. I dont like it. At least we have some good sassy interactions.

9. Anniversary. Shoehorning dad in TR1 and changing Natla from a scientist to an inmortal goddess is a bad change. Larson on the other hand got hot as hell, so Im torn. But in the end, killing Larson felt forced. It they were changing the plot, they could as well save this Larson.

10. Underworld. I didnt like the myth, i didnt liked how shoehorned everything feels, like a fanfic where everything is mixed together. At least we got some good interactions.

11. Shadow. Damn, the plot started fine, but it went downhill as soon as Lara crashed the plane. The apocalypse never felt like an apocalypse, the side cast is boring, the cutscenes are bad, Domínguez was promised to be more gray but to me it felt simply evil and stupid, Trinity dying all together off-screen and being just an aztec-controlling cult instead of a global-sácale organization (or at least that's how it felt). Everything feels rushed and forced. There are a few good cutscenes but they arent enough to save this hot mess.

12. Rise. This is just the worst. The plot makes 0 sense, and Lara comes up as just stupid. Jacob was clearly the prophet from the first second. Ana was evil from the first second. And Lara just couldnt see it. Was she hit in the head? Is she stupid? Also, abusing "bad luck Lara" again. It was bad in TR2013 but they had an excuse. That excuse is not working here. There is 1 good cutscene in the whole game, where she kidnaps Ana, the rest is just awful. Konstantine is also stupid, I mean, how could Ana make you stigmata without knowing? Has she been hurting your hands in your sleep forever? Damn, thats some deep sleep you have. Also, daddy every where, EVERYWHERE. God, I hate him. Also, the setting is boring and ugly as hell. The remnants are as bad as the paititians but at least they got some good temples and tombs, the remnants are just awful. And the deathless, supposedly unkillable, they die as easy as any other enemy. Im sorry, but "gameplay" is not an excuse. They just copy-pasted the stormguard from the previous game and gave them a skin change.

I could keep ranting but you get it.

Edit: sorry if there are typos, Im writting from the phone.

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