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Enjoying watching the doomsdayers lose the big one Dec 21st 2012 was it?
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Originally Posted by biscuits View Post
My depression
wow that hit hard on me, I hope you're ok though
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Well... considering I finished high school, four years of college, and then have had a full-time job for over a year now, a lot has happened. I went from age 14 to 24 in a decade lol. Because of those big changes, I don't really know if I can say it was "defined" by anything because different stretches of it were defined by different things.

The period of 2011-2013 was generally good and saw me developing tastes for a lot of new gaming series. I joined TRF in 2011, which kickstarted my love for reviews and critical analysis of video games; I fell in love with Assassin's Creed and then Mass Effect while my childhood games of TR and Crash largely felt stagnant as no new interesting games had been released in quite some time. I also found a true friend group in high school and greatly enjoyed my time with them.

2014 was stressful in general since I wasn't emotionally ready to go to college, but once I was there, I had some of the best years of my life so far. I joined Iowa's marching band at met some of my closest friends, marched at the 2016 Rose Bowl, and had countless nights of fun. Really came out of my shell too in a way I never had in high school. 2015-2017 will likely be marked as my own personal "golden age" - at least for now. It wasn't all rosy - finances were a huge contention point in college, but I'm proud to say I paid for all of my expenses and got out with minimal debt.

I got a full-time job as a software developer in May 2018, which alleviated the stress I had felt for about a year on heading into the "real" job market. In the time since, I've felt more stable than ever before, but at the same time, I've also felt more lonely. It's been a hard transition and I greatly miss my college days. But I do have a more consistent schedule and have made time for a lot of the things I didn't have in the mid-decade. I'm very happy to say that I lost 50 pounds in the past 9 months and have started regularly working out, which makes me feel better about my body than I have since about 2014.

On another note, the second half of the decade has been marked by several remasters of childhood games that I have been blown away by. Crash, Spyro, and CTR are the ones I'm referring too, and the elation I felt from playing each of those releases has been one of my favorite parts of the late 2010's.

What was the 2010's decade defined by, then? Well...
  • Exposure to new gaming franchises and love for them
  • The emergence of my career in the engineering field
  • My amazing experience at the University of Iowa and in a college marching band
  • Going from being politically neutral to leaning a lot more left, but still trying to maintain some balance
  • Establishing real friend groups and trying to navigate the complexity of being distant from them
  • Remasters of beloved childhood games

EDIT: I realized most of the things I summarized on were based on personal experiences and not the world as a whole. Considering my only decade of reference is the 2000's since I was born in 1995, I can't say I have too many deep thoughts on it that others haven't already shared. Tech boom, the rise of social media, the world being more conscious of social issues, etc.

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The takeover of extremist, hypocritical politics, and the rise of social censorship.

Reboots and remakes, for games (and movies, now that I think about it, like Ben-Hur, Spiderman and Man of Steel).

Disney live-action remakes.
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To me education defined this entire decade. I started high school in 2010 and I will graduate university in June 2020 with a degree in pharmacy.

Tidbits I noticed this decade:

- Politics have become an extremely polarizing and controversial topic that I used to want to participate in, but now I avoid it like the black plague. It's bad for my mental health. Quite frankly this is the decade I realized how sheepish people are, in my opinion both the left and the right have become very very radical and are deaf to opinions other than their own.

- Social media grew from small local circles to world encompassing, global networks which has its downsides and upsides, but I like that it gives a lot of people a chance at succeeding at their passion even without a corporation hand picking and backing them.

- Music has almost completely gone digital. Physical sales are semi irrelevant these days, it's all about streams and the industry is still adjusting.

- The 2010's were OBSESSED with not creating original content. Reboots, remakes, reimaginations, live action adaptations. You name it. The entertainment industry was milking the good old days. I don't necessarily think this is bad, but I'd rather we got more original stuff.

- (Dumb) Challenge culture emerged. I think this was a new in the 2010's, right? Some of them were nice, like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, others were plain dumb, like the tide pod challenge.

- The rise of Veganism. Maybe I was living under a rock before, but I feel like 10 years ago there were only a couple vegetarians here and there whereas now it's almost a competition to be not just vegetarian, but vegan.
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Work, the death of my father, depression, anxiety, self doubt... Let's hope the next decade goes better. Nobody can say that I'm not trying.
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