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Default Man is accidentally charged £55,000 for a beer!

Originally Posted by BBC News
An Australian cricket journalist was mistakenly charged £55,000 for a single bottle of beer in a Manchester hotel.

Peter Lalor ordered the £5.50 Deuchers IPA at the city's Malmaison hotel before being stunned to discover he had been charged £55,315.12 (A$99,983.64).

Mr Lalor, who was in the city to cover the Ashes series, now believes he drank "the most expensive beer in history".

A spokesman for the hotel apologised and said an investigation had been launched.

However, the money left Mr Lalor's bank account and he says he was told it would take 10 business days for the refund to be processed.

The journalist, who writes for The Australian newspaper, said he had alerted the barmaid after having a "sixth sense that something had gone wrong".

"Australians find England pretty expensive usually, but this takes the cake," he said.

"That's a lot of money. I'm just a cricket writer, I don't earn big bucks and it's costing me in interest."
Full article: BBC News

I know our drinks prices can be a rip off but they're not that bad!
It's a bit ridiculous that he has to wait up to 10 days for his money to be refunded though.
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I bet that would be the LAST beer he drank
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Honestly, if that charge was able to go through, I don't believe for a second that this guy doesn't earn "big bucks"...

(no, I don't know how credit cards work )

Funny mistake, I feel kind of bad for the hotel though - they're never gonna live this down.
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Well, I hope it tasted good. If not... then boy that’s a shame.
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How does this even happen? Like do they have another item/service at the hotel that costs £55,000 and it got mixed up?

From article:
"Mr Lalor, who also writes about beer for his newspaper, said: "To add insult to injury they charged a £1,000 transaction fee. Until the money comes back I won't rest easy.""

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Stories like this are why I keep all of my money is savings.
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Easy enough to happen with eftpos. Slip a decimal place there, press 0 too many times. $5.50 becomes $55,000. (Always check the amount on the machine before you enter your PIN btw. Often the amount is entered manually by the cashier.)

Usually such a mistake would be caught instantly when it shows DECLINED, but in this case he actually had the funds in his account for it to go through.

10 days may sound long, but that's fairly standard for banks to reverse a charge this large, particularly as he was overseas.

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Man is accidentally charged £55,000 for a beer!
I'm sorry but one does not just accidentally steal someone else's money, the person who served that bill knew exactly what she was doing by taking advantage of the "poor" man.
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I'm shocked how a regular beer costs £5.50 lol jesus lord
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^ it's hotel prices probably

I'm more shocked and a bit jealous that he had so much allowance on his credit card that the 55k charge went through
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