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Like everyone else said.. if they keep hubs, i'd want it to be more like TR4/2013 where linear segments are put inbetween and you have that momentum of story..
(loved 2013 when you'd come back to a hub later in the story and it was altered, such as time of day etc)

By ideally I'd just love for the TR1-3 style of levels to come back.
Or like Uncharted - have Chapters (levels) with story and NO hubs.
Lost Legacy and UC4 had it right too - same as above but with one or two really big hubs .. however this can hurt the flow of storytelling which is why I'm not a fan of hubs and open world games in general.

Lara has to stop an apocalypse in Shadow.. OMG hurry! (story cutscenes etc)
*spends 5 hours fumbling around for useless treasures in a hub*
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BuT alL thaT StuFF iS opTIOnaL
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