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Default Peter Connelly's Chronicles orchestral theme

I'd like to start by saying that Chronicles will always have a special place in my heart for being the game that allowed me to get to know this saga:
being 5yo in the beginning of the aughts, the demo for TR 5 was one of the first videogames I played.

Didn't know a word of English, didn't know who this lady's backstory was or what were her games about.
But the mere fact of sliding down the dirty ramp from a dark spot and into an underground roman scenery,
noting each of its nooks and crannies were shrouded in a mystical atmosphere surrounded by a characteristic fog,
and that the constant feeling of loliness was exuded by a deafening silence (occasionally cut by distant sounds)
was interesting enough to captivate the young me.

In the intervening years, I'd get down to Tomb Raider by trying some titles intermittently, although with no real awareness
of the chronology of their stories or the major events that preceeded them.
I was simply out of the loop due to having missed out on it because of my age.

However, it's only now, in this atypical year, that I was able to finally travel back in time and live a fleshed out experience of that game
which demo was all I knew about. Just in time for the 20th anniversary, just like I've been doing since 2016 with each classic instalment.

This is why "The Dark Angel Symphony" album couldn't have arrived at a better time.
Having waited for it, I finally got to listen to the tracks, and welcomed the reworked and extended version of Chronicles.
Therefore, I decided to write a brief review about it in TDA's facebook and share it with you (I've also included the post where I originally wrote it in):

"I still find it incredible that exactly 20 years later we've finally got to hear an extended version of Chronicles.

It does feel rewarding upon knowing the fact that the lenght of the titles theme had to be cut down to fit in the intro.
I've listened to it many times already, and I love how both convey different ranges of feelings: the original short one
makes you feel the concern and uncertainty stemming from Lara's fate in the shocking TLR ending, while this new
orchestral version manages to appease the growing worry with a slower, more pacific rythm.

I've realised it's the beats from the last 30 seconds that particularly prompt me
to remember Lara's good old times with a smirk on my face.


What do you think about the new Chronicles theme? Or the other
TR5 tracks belonging in The Dark Angel Symphony?

Cheers and Happy New Year everyone!

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I believe Conelly originally wanted the Chronicles soundtrack be more jazzy-ish, but I personally didn't like it. Still think the original is better, which is a same while I think it sounds so good, it is very short
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