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Originally Posted by TombRager View Post
Really? I don't remember the game graphics being that good! Maybe it was because I was playing with everything on low.

Caption: "On my way to get that artifact..." what level is that btw?
Sanctuary of the Scion.

It's amazing the amount of details objects and statues have. When taking a picture my phone actually recognized a face. 😁
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
Caption this

You walking your way to another TRF drama
Φιλας την αναπηρη?
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
I swear to God, this game needs a photo mode.

It's really insane how good this game looks. Honestly the best graphics for it's generation. Honestly all they'd have to do is increase the texture resolution and play around a bit with the lighting and you have Rise quality graphics.

It's amazing to me how you made the game look 1000 times better by filming it with your phone.
We all need a "Charmed's phone'' filter in the graphics settings for future playthroughs.
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Charmed's phone has the ultimate power gathered by his 542210 wallpapers. It could make The Prophecy look like Xenoblade Chronicles.
Look at the edges I snatched today!
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