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Originally Posted by Hazelphoenix View Post
Speaking of which, although I certainly appreciate that they at least put some Maya pyramids in the game for representation, it felt more like they were there for aesthetic purposes rather than anything else.

I would’ve loved for at least one of them to be more interactive and explorable, perhaps having an entire level/segment based on climbing a pyramid with some nice platforming sessions and then solving some puzzles inside of it. If not, then getting to explore its surroundings a little bit closer instead of being relegated to background scenery as I find them truly fascinating and fitting the TR theme. The Cozumel one was on point, admittedly. It would’ve been cool to have another one in the middle of the jungle matching the cover art ngl
Exactly ^^
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Mostly disliked it, it aged like milk while the other two games still feel fresh after so many years.
Easily the worst in the trilogy.
The pacing was **** and the story was bad executed. The best thing about it was Lara herself (she finally showed some personality).
There are only a few segments of the game I enjoyed playing, but all short and long in between.
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Loved it. Despite various flaws, it's my favorite installment of the trilogy. Rise still remains the blandest in my books.
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Originally Posted by Amunet View Post
I really liked it. I still think it's the best TR game since CD took over the franchise.
Originally Posted by johnanonymouz View Post
It's the best Tomb Raider since The Last Revelation for me.
Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
I love the game.
I agree with these. Admittedly, I think Rise set the bar quite low for me so everything Shadow did right felt more impressive than it actually might’ve been, and that afterglow was only extended by the fabulous DLC, but despite becoming more critical of it now, I still love it. Beautiful tombs, incredible music, interesting story - just what I look for in a TR game.
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I mostly like it. There's more good stuff about it than there is bad and also I was walking in a mall and saw something about shadow with the Become the Tomb Raider tagline on it (it wasn't a videogame shop) and i had this urge to point at it and yell "that's a lie" lmao. Don't @ me saying she became the tomb raider because she refused to bring back her parents because that was completely underwhelming (it was a nice emotional scene tho). Like, everyone expected something grand, and obvious, and this was not it. I didn't even realize this was the moment she became the tr till I read a post here wayyyy later after finishing it
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good game. want the last patch + 8th dlc. thanks
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Melonie Tomb Raider
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Mostly like it, but want big changes moving forward. It's the best "Tomb Raider" game of the reboots for sure, but I still have some critiques and things I want changed moving forward.
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I think I preferred Rise

I found the story better.
Lara looked better outside of cutscenes, it had more combat, no outfit restrictions, no Paititi - no inventory full nag, better flashlight system.

Shadow had pacing issues, but I loved the tombs though
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I love it. It's the best TR game ever.
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Had a lot of fun playing the game, which is the only criteria that matters. My anthropological training probably made parts of the game more interesting to me than others might have found them. Being able to have many NPC's speak in their native language was an aspect I really appreciated and CD should be applauded for adding that feature.
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