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Default Save-Game Trigger. Is it possible?

Okay, so I have a question regarding saving.

In a current project I'm working on, I want the player to be able to only save in certain areas of the game to increase the difficulty.

I know to disable saving in the level overall, you would use TREP (Tomb Raider Engine Patcher.) However, that's not what I'm wanting to do...

I'm wondering if there is maybe like a Save-Game trigger function in DXTRE3D, or maybe an easy way to script one (I literally know nothing on scripting so if there is a way I'm going to need some guidance) without the use of TRNG? What I mean by "trigger function" is if I press a button the save-game menu will appear, of maybe if Lara hits a certain trigger point on the floor, the save-game menu will open. Does this make sense? If not, I can try and clarify further.

Any help is appreciated . (Also, sorry if a thread like this already exists. I tried searching and couldn't find any. At least, not any that didn't require TRNG...)
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