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Question TexMod question

Hi guys. Is there a way to keep in the game the textures you edited without run TexMod everytime you want to play with those edited textures???
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There is, but you would have to edit the game files itself.
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Depends on what game. There are some tools to permanently edit the bigfiles in TRLA and U - however theyre very dated and difficult to perfect.

For the classics - (Using piexoto tool for example) you cannot permanently change this. You could TRY, but it's likely a few texture replacements in you will crash the level file inadvertedly. (editing classic TR levels are playing with fire)
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Unhappy help

can someone tell me why texmod not working fine with windows 10
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I've got it working as mizuno_suisei described for Tomb Raider Anniversary using Gibbed, but it's rather involved, partly because the same textures can appear across multiple packages and they don't have consistent file names. Texmod is much easier if you can tolerate the load times.

I only use it in my overhaul mod now because it's so large that Texmod would have a black screen for several minutes!
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