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Question Cutscene Bars (help!)

I've managed to disable black cinematic bars in all TR games so far using Texmod for TRLAU and a patcher for AOD. This makes for some cool off screen easter eggs, and full fidelity viewing.

TR1 2 and 3 do not have Cutscene cinematic bars. TR4 and 5 however do, and i'm finding it very difficult to remove them, and am hoping someone might stumble here one day and know what I need.

Using TREP on a trle tomb4.exe, I disabled "Flyby Camera Bars"...well i think anyway by setting Height and Speed values both to 0.
I then used a Hex Editor to compare this with an unmodified exe, find the offset changes and then try by peripheral vision and similar hexes to find the right spots in TR4's own exe, and TR5's

(remembering that TRLE tomb4 and TR4 tomb4 are actually quite different! I've colorized them because im actually talking about 3 different engines)

I've ported many many TREP patches to TR4 and TR5 over the years this way, however i think i've found the right offsets here but i'm seeing no changes One of my value changes actually slowed down the cutscene fade out speed - but I think my really amateur knowledge with this means I don't really know what i'm looking at to try and continue investigating.

Hoping for likeminded people like Mr Ed Kurlyak who made the TR234 Widescreen Patcher - awesome stuff!

I've unlocked 60fps framerate in both TR4 and TR5 thanks to a very obscure TREP patch i found in the depths of an old harddrive - getting rid of those (in my opinion anyway much too high) cutscene bars in these games would be amazing.
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