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Originally Posted by GiovanniLucca View Post
Hi folks!

Sorry for the long time without coming in here to give some updates about the project. I was not too well lately...

For those who are following along with this thread my know, I'm dealing with depression and anxiety. I'm having some struggles with the medication, I already changed the medication 4 times because of the side effects and because the medication was not good enough for my case... I was very upset about this, and stoped taking the pills... and that lead me to an withdrawal symptom, that was one of the worse things that I experience in my life. I had to go back to the medication to start felling a little better and I changed my doctor, and we start with a new medication, that I hope will give me some better results...


The project is going well, slow, but going...
The India levels are finished! I'm just adjusting some things like fonts, and Lara's model, that is a nightmare to do! But I'm almost over...

I'm working on a new website for the project, with some video to explain step by step the process to make the remaster work. And as soon as I finish the adjustments on the India textures and the new website, I will make available to download the India + South Pacific levels to download... I can't say for sure when this will happen, because I'm working on it only when I have the energy to... :/

hummm... I have some guilt plesure to tell ya!

I already start working on the Nevada Desert level (Since Nevada was one of my favourite part of the game).

Here it is some early in process screenshot:
take care of yourself, i hope the new medication will help you. i know how awful depression can be
Hi, I'm Marissa. I'm super excited to take trf's look to the next level.
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You are doing well. I keep my fingers crossed to refresh the whole game.
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Looks cool, I think the sand textures should have the transition to the wall rocks as the original has

EDIT: I also think the plants should be dry

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I'm very suprise that I haven't came across on this thread untill now. I have to say it's a very interesting project. I'm not a fan of playing in high definition and on a personal computer aswell but I will give it a shot since Tomb Raider 3 is my most favourite game in the series

Keep it up a good work
Rest in Peace - rr_carroll
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This is amazing work!!! Thanks for all your hard work. Awesome.
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How's progress on this? I so look forward to playing it!
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Me too!

But most of all I hope you're feeling better, Giovanni. I've been experiencing a similar ordeal than you have this year, so I know how hard these things can hit. I sincerely hope you're feeling better by now
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Anxiety and depression can be debilitating. Take care of yourself first!

The remastered game is certainly something to look forward to, thank you for taking the time!
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Default About the project!

Hi Guys!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Unfortunately I'm not very well about my condition. Actually it is worse in the past 2 months... A lot of bad things happening in my life right now, and I'm struggling to pass through this phase... I tecnicaly lost my job, the love of my life and, I'm not deeling very well with living alone after my divorce... I still on medication, and trying to do other things to make somenthing change, like yoga and the gym. But it is difficult when there is a lack of motivation and energy for everything.

But enough of that! I don't want this thread to be about this, and I want this to be so inspiring for me as has been. I love to do this project! And I'll find the enrgy somehow to complet this from start to finish.

As some of you my noticed, the project website is off right now. (I had to do do some cuts in my bills).

But I'll make available for download the India and Coastal Pacific levels by Google Drive, and the disclosure of the project will be by this thread and the facebook page. (at least for now)

I have to do some tutorial explaning how to install the mod. Because Peixoto's Patch has a lot of chances, and the instalation process is a little bit trickier... I'll try to do this until the end of this week. So you can start playing the game with the HD quality!

I'm already working on Nevada levels...
But only when I'm motivated to. Wich unfortunatly it is not that commun on these hard days.

Thank you so much for all your support and patience waiting for play the game with this HD mod. Soon it will happen!
Tomb Raider III Remaster Project Director
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Best of luck and much love
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