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Originally Posted by LuckyEdge10 View Post
Says the one who writes long-ass posts full of non-sense and full of captions.

Says the one who doesn't give a **** about people's health and just continues asking for other remastered missing tracks (even if Ash already told you they were gonna do that.

Double posting is a little mistake. It can happen. And also, if a thread isn't visited in many days, if the thread won't have new posts it will be forgotten. Because if you edit your post, TRF won't recognize that the thread has been "updated".

as for the topic, try this:
dgVooDoo stuff

choose the resolution you want and put the .conf file inside the game folder
also put the 3 dlls in the game folder as well and run the setup again after inserting the dlls and choose the same resolution as the .conf you chose. (last bit is really important). this should fix your issue

This will run the game windowed, btw.
If you want to run it in fullscreen, you have to change one of the .conf files (any one you choose should be fine)
open the .conf in a text editor, find "FullScreenMode" and change it to true.
Then find "Resolution" and change it to the resolution you want. This field MUST match the resolution you choose in the setup window.

Hope it works for you, if you encounter any problems let me know
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