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Default Where are they now?

Always wondered what happened to the members at Core. What they're up to these days. Does Heather Gibson still work in the industry? Gavin Rummery?
What about the Smith brothers? Think Jeremy is in the real estate business now or something.
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You can find info about them on the internet if you look them up, though not too much I believe.

There was a panel with them some time ago and while I never watched the full video, I bet they did talk about their current occupations. You can watch the video on Youtube.
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They updated people on what they have been up to during the play expo panel by Tomb Of Ash. Highly recommend checking that out on youtube if you haven't already.
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From the videos I saw, they still all have fond memories working together and really respect the arrangement being bought together for the events to talk with fans since back then they were not allowed to reveal anything. By now though I assume a few may be settling down for retirement albeit with interesting hobbies.
"She will live on forever in our hearts."
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I wish they somehow got all back together.And by "all" i mean ALL the members who have worked at Core at least up until AoD. There was so much talent in that studio and so much potential which i'm sure we haven't seen even half of it.

I know that some of them like Heather have retired but they are still relatively young and i'm sure they would return if the right circumstances were to happen. I believe they still have a lot to offer in the right work environment and if they want to.
Maybe some of them are not familiar with current development software but that technical knowledge is easily obtainable.Even complete amateurs and students today can learn how to work with modern tools in less than a year.

The important thing to me is that those guys knew the fundamentals of game design like how to keep the player's constant attention and immerse him in worlds that were fun to explore and gave him a sense of satisfaction with every bit of progress.
These are qualities that are hard to learn and in my opinion you either have them or you don't.Core members had those qualities in spades and i believe they still have them in them.

Today small teams of even 2 people can create really fun and good looking indie games so i'm sure the people from Core could do so much more than that.
Maybe they could finally upgrade the grid engine into something that allowed and combined both precision and consistent platforming with fluid movement and used it in an action/adventure game.

There is nothing else like the original TR in the market (excluding the Level Editor community) and i'm 100% sure that there are a lot of people out there who'd love to play something fresh that had the same design principles of the classic TR games.Even more so if that new game was made by the people who made those principles in the first place.

I'm sure i'm not the only one that when i saw (some of) them together in those Play Expo panels thought "if only they all got back together..."

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