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Default My 2 cents to TombATI


- Upscales everything that shrinks in high resolution
- Xinput controllers will work correctly
- Texture swapping

To upscale the air\health bars, it were simpler to just override the game routines that draw them instead of modifying those routines, therefore the bars won't look exactly as they originally did, so if you are a purist, don't even try it, you're not gonna like it

If you already used my program you know you have to dump textures before creating replacements for them. IN TR I there is an undocumented feature; if you dump a texture but don't create a replacement, that texture is upscaled with a XBR scaler
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Interesting, can you post a screenshot?
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Great! I wonder if someone could find a way to add either:

- toggle sprite filtering on/off (nGlide does not apply sprite filtering in this game for some reason)


- filter sprites and textures with soft/round contours, just like Glidos.
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