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Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering View Post
Isnít that a bit dramatic?
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As long as there is no full body in game, otherwise a bunch of people would keep looking down.
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Just in case someone of the higher-ups stumbles across this idea: PLEASE DO NOT ACT ON IT.

Tomb Raider has always been a 3rd person action adventure - and for the love of god, let it stay this way. If there would be a 1st person VR spinoff, yeah, why not - I wouldn't buy it, but why would I be against it. The main titles should stay what and as they are / were though. That has nothing to do with an un-willingness to evolve the series into a more modern style, this has to do with keeping a game's roots while still being innovative. Taking out / changing the core definition of a game is not evolving. It's just slapping a well-known brand name onto something completely different to be able to make use of the name's popularity.
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