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Question Anniversary Inspired Skrillex to Make a K-pop Song?

On the 21st of February, four years ago, my Queens HyunA, Sohyun, Jihyun, Gayoon and Jiyoon, known collectively as 4Minute, released their seventh and, sadly, final EP, Act. 7.

The lead track for the album, 싫어 (Hate), was produced by American DJ Skrillex.

Now, as soon as I heard Hate for the first time back in 2016, when the chorus kicked in I was like "Oh my god, this is the Egypt theme from Anniversary!"

(chorus starts at 1:15)

Now, I know nothing about music production and, realistically, I don't know what the chances are of Skrillex either having played Anniversary or coming across the tune while producing music for a South Korean girl group, but nevertheless I think it's intresting and I always liked the thought of one of my favourite video games possibly having inspired the creation of one of my favourite K-pop songs!
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This is very similar indeed !
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Interesting. Wondering if anyone could isolate some of the instruments in the Egypt theme to have the songs played next to one another to really compare them.
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It's similar but also different enough for me to be able to believe that it's merely a coincidence.
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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
This is very similar indeed !
It is not just similar music, a lot is copied, cloned or at best taken as inspiration for their own songs.... Yes, A lot of modern asian music takes inspiration from western music, just as we take musical ideas from the east.

Some eastern countries can get away with using some western music, as they do not bother much with international copyright, as its difficult and costly for other countries to fight legal battles on copyright against such asian countries, from cloned music to cloned cars

I had one fantastic sounding 2014 Tibetan/chinese song on an old video of mine for over five years on Youtube then it got hit for 3rd party youtube copyright because 15 seconds of it is pure 'Enigma', one of my favorite western groups, but it was blended it in brilliantly by the makers of the song, its at 40 seconds in....best to just play it from the start...

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The song you have posted is beautiful I like Thibetan music in fact one of my favorite singer is Thibetan her name is alan, she sings in Thibetan but also in Mandarin and Japanese, she have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard

Anyway I don't think it's a copy and paste of Enigma but rather a sample coming from a library of sounds. I recognize the synsethised flute they use for their first and second album but other than that I can't recall and songs they have using thoses perticular notes.

As for the chinese/taiwanese etc plagiarism case in music it's not that simple before yeah there was plagiarism or use of others songs from others artists (but sometimes they are given by the record label) just like for exemple the Taiwanese artist Jolin Tsai reused a song from an european Boysband to make her hit Sun Will Never Set but it wasn't plagiarism. Same as Momoiro Clover Z a japanese group who have used an unused Britney Spears songs called Dangerous I think to make one of their songs called Rock the Boat same as Korean artist BoA for her first english album with Look who's talking to me. But it's label decision. Therefore sometimes the label can doesn't know the melody is a plagiarism and sometimes it's the fault of the producer himself just like Lee Hyori album H Logic who was retired from every store because one half of the songs produced weren't made with the original artist label conscent.

As for today I think there's an evolution the productions are made by the artist themself sometimes. There's less plagiarism or cover of others songs
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