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Default Sony announces Twisted Metal TV series


I'm all for this, a Twisted Metal TV series sounds like it could be dope as hell, a mix of Mad Max and Death Race, if you will, which I really enjoyed both movies, so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out. I still can't believe we never got a sequel to the 2012 reboot on PS4.

A live-action movie with Costas Mandylor (known for playing Mark Hoffman in the Saw series) as Sweet Tooth/Needles Kane was rumored at one point, but it apparently got stuck in development hell. I guess this is what's becoming of the planned movie.
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Iím a huge TM fan from the get go. David Jaffe, especially during the 2012 installment, definitely put a lot of love and heart into his work. I remember following his little vlogs he did back when it came out. TM2012 had some rocky issues with online and unlockables and whatnot. He was up front with fans and just seemed to give a **** about making people happy. I wish more in the gaming industry were like that. I wish him nothing but luck. Total underrated dude.

That being said, Iíd love a TM show! I just hope it comes out on something I can watch. I donít want to sign up for another monthly service just to stream a show.
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