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Weirdly enough I liked the Tomb Raider Classics in the order they came out with TR1 being my fav and TRC being my least fav lol.

Maybe some slight altering views between TR2 and 3 where they come closish but I preferred TR2 to TR3 (apart from Lara's Home). At the end of the day I just really enjoyed the game style and tank controls of the classics.
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Reviving this thread a little because I found some interesting opinions mostly about Tomb Raider III on reddit.

Not exactly from back in the day, but still a good read.
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Oops wrong thread.

Always Pondering

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Aw.. I thought maybe someone had dug up some more vintage reviews
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I stumble into this thread to find everybody slagging off the best TR game of all. Y'all are going straight to hell.
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