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Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
Maybe my edit clarifies a bit what I mean. I'm certainly not looking for Legend 2.0 or anything.

Effectively, it'd replace the one-hit-kill dodge counter, that has trivialized close-quarters combat in the reboot games so far.

That's all I really want it to do, but a disarming mechanic, and an emphasis on putting space between you and the enemy so Lara can move freely, I think could be interesting.
Yeah, I'm not a fan of the one-hit-kill dodge counter either — in fact, I rarely use it — but I'm still not sure a QTE, even one like you described, would be the best alternative. I think I lean more towards implementing more melee/hand-to-hand options, without going overboard with it.
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Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
Here's an idea:

Replace the overly simplistic dodge counter mechanic with a high risk, high reward, extended QTE kind of thing that basically fills the role of melee combat.

Run up to a stunned enemy and hit whatever button, as usual - and then there's maybe like a three-step QTE to first knock them back, then disarm them, and then finally take them out. The prompts would ideally be semi-randomized in such a way that you would have to actually react to them, every time.

That way, you haven't added a dedicated system for it that would bloat the game with unnecessary/underused features - especially considering we as a fanbase generally don't want much combat of any kind at all.
This isn't a bad idea, but Uncharted comparisons abound. I can hear it now.
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Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post
This isn't a bad idea, but Uncharted comparisons abound. I can hear it now.
Well, the Uncharted comparisons have been made by everyone and their mother since ****ing 2007 anyway...

Besides, now that Uncharted is off the map (if you'll pardon the pun) at least for a while, I don't think there's any harm in leaning on similarities. TR gets to fill a certain space, that way.

Like I said though, the similarities were being inferred even back when there were barely any of them - so it really doesn't matter, to my mind, what anyone else may think.
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I’m up for it. A kickboxing or martial arts fighting style would be preferred. Would love neck snaps to be a quick stealth takedown.
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