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Thumbs up 28 Years..... (Soon)

Hi guys, this is a special drawing regarding Sonic's 28th Birthday/Anniversary on the 23rd June, but wait it's Doctor Eggman/Robotnik's birthday too. They both appeared in the very first Sonic game, and I felt it was fitting to draw a double celebration of their anniversary.

As you know, they have been battling each other for 28 years, that's some time, but they don't seem to be quite finished with each other yet, as you can see from the drawing, they are at it again lol.

Thinking of a drawing for Sonic's anniversary was tough, it could of been Sonic alone, but Eggman/Robotnik entered the fray, and the Number 8 sparked the idea of combining both characters into the drawing, and the Number 8 too.

It may be Sonic's/Eggman's next birthday soon, but I want it to be a unique one, and of course each one is, but drawing this I hope I contributed to making it feel unique on that day for both these iconic characters.

Thanks for looking.

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That looks awesome! I love how Sonic was drawn in the first one, very cute.
We were the clowns.
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tlr online
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Thanks for posting Dazzy.
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Aw, Sonic! I love Sonic. I like this style that you went for.
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