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New Dwight
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If anyone finds the Atlatl Bow and Viper Bite Bow in the archives could you kindly link me the model and textures, thanks in advance.
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If anyone has the Croft Manor models/textures from both Blood Ties and Shadow I'd love to have a copy. I don't have those games but I'd like to try porting them to the Level Editor.
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Lightbulb Temple of Osiris Lara mesh in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Has anyone else discovered that the mesh of Lara in SOTTR is the same as in ToO? The morph is only minor.

Read more (with wire frame) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/show...00&postcount=6
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Default Trying to texture a vehicle

Is anyone able to help with texturing car, I'm not sure if some of the textures are tiled or not and where some of them go. The model has many textures for different parts of the model.

The car is named "bp_vehicle_jeep_chase"

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How do I get the mesh/model files from the Legend and Anniversary DRMs? I've tried Gh0stBlade's DRM tools, as suggested, but there are no .tr7mesh or .tr7meshv1 files extracted.
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