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Default What's the trick to ridiculously high scores?

I noticed that the scores on the top of the leaderboard on the Steam version are often over a million on a single level, MUCH higher than even the maximum score challenges. What's the trick to getting seemingly impossibly high scores? Some kind of hack/cheat, or lots of backtracking to wait for enemies to respawn? For instance, even if you keep the relic meter full for the first level and kill every enemy, it seems like the maximum possible score is only around 200,000. What are your highest scores, and tricks and tips to getting them? Thanks!
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Keep in mind, that those scores not all the time are real. Sometimes ppl use cheats, trainers or glitches. ( good example Hitman contracts mode or Elusive targets: some people earning SA rating, with finishing the mission under 10 sec. , wich is impossible on normal way)

Also, combining well the relics, can give you a good score (only if you didn't got hurt...)

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