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Avalon SARL
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Thumbs up Aladdin 2019

Have you watched the new Aladdin 2019.

I can say it really is spectacular. Awesome music and it is very well cast.

Let us avoid spoilers here since the movie is very new.
My only complaint with this movie is Jafar. The actor himself is very good and he acted very well; the problem is with the decision the writers/producer/director chose for this Jafar.

Different looks and a different personality.
Still, I can give it a pass since the movie itself is BREATHTAKING for me.

Have you watched it or yet?
And what did you think of it?
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I kinda want to see it, but I'm resisting it at the same time. I've never been a fan of the musical side of Disney films and prefer the songs as separate entities, but eventually I will probably give in. They made sure to make those movies look really good.
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Tomb Raider
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Aladdin 2019 looks like a high budget straight to dvd movie, lol. Maybe I'll watch it when it comes to Netflix. I'm not really into these live action remakes. Every one I've seen has been considerably worse than the original. I'm ready for this trend to die already, but it probably won't for a long time.
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Alright there are a few spoilers, I guess, in my post but it's necessary to really point out what I think. I highlighted them in white.

This sums up some of my thoughts:

Basically I kept being freaked out by CGI Will Smith, mostly during A Friend Like Me. There was something extremely off putting about his cartoonish behavior but realistic face, like if there was a clash of genre. It worked well in the original because it was a cartoon. But exaggerated movements with a normal face is just, yeah, creepy is the word. Otherwise you can often tell that the body animation isn't entirely motion-captured, so even when it's not cartoonish it just doesn't look good.

Then there's Jafar. The rough creepy character is replaced by a bland guy with a soft voice. Disney even completely removed the final fight, a complete nerf. Iago is void of personality now, hardly speak. Closer to a real parrot than its own character. It acted more as a drone than anything else.

The pacing is also horrible. If it's not broken, don't fix it, but for some reason Disney mixed up, replaced and moved around key segments. For example, minutes from the beginning Aladdin already meet Jasmine. One Jump Ahead is merged with their first encounter, so it feel incredibly rushed. Same for the Cave of Wonders, it's gone and done. The big entrance speak, but it's static, removing its imposing nature.

And everything build up into a completely, again, rushed ending. No Prince Ali reprise, no hourglass, nada. Hell even the new content is extremely whack: Jasmine has this new song about not wanting to be silenced (which come from a good principle), but the time she sings it, she sings it in her head lol, not to be heard by anyone.

Overall it's still watchable. It's still an okay movie. The actors behind Aladdin and Jasmine have great chemistry and the songs are really well rendered. Creepiness aside, Friends Like Me is great. Prince Ali looks like a Broadway dance, but it's still fun to watch. And as a genie, Will Smith did a good job anyway. He brought his own touch instead of trying to meet Robin William's level of quality.

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Avalon SARL
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Originally Posted by Isaac View Post
I can agree with you on these. I believe perhaps a different director would have been better; Jafar, if not recast with a different actor, at least should have been re-written.

I am sure however, Return of Jafar will be green lit very soon.
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Watched it last night and had a great time as everyone in the movie theater. You could hear everyone laughing and all that. Aladdin isn't my favorite Disney movie (from the classics) I might have watched like 2 times when I was kid but it exceeded my expectations.

Visually stunning, funny, entertaining. I don't see anything wrong with Will's Genie. Thought it was pretty well done.

Now I'm waiting for a Pocahontas live-action.
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Absolutely everything about the film just looks absolutely terrible to me. Might watch it some day in the future through streaming, but man watching it in theaters, yeah no...
Next year this time when I'm playing it (Bayonetta3) on Xbone-Mr GaGa–eventually
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