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Arrow War of the Worlds by Maati


At an unspecified time in the future, humanity has been decimated by the pandemic of unknown disease. Governments collapsed, there is no effective evacuation plans or attempts to stop the cataclysm. A life that survived descends underground to avoid further exposure to the pathogen. Lara - who is one of the survivors, lives for years in undergrounds of the city. Together with a group of the other survivors, she creates a community which they call a 'family'.

Everyday life focuses on providing yourself and others safety or food. Lara with a group is planning an expedition to the nearby ruins of the city to replenish supplies of medicines.

Croft believes in the existence of a 'mythical' vaccine, allegedly developed medicine and she hopes to find some proof in the ruins of the Medical Pavilion. The family quenches her enthusiasm and indicates the current priorities. Lara agrees with them and asks for time to prepare for the journey, but their peace is interrupted.

The military discovered the hideout and survivors are decimated during the assault. With luck Lara avoids massacre and runs away from the common grave. Without a chance to survive, she accepts the challenge and wants to discover the hidden truth.

The enemy is in the air. The real antagonist never showed his face. However the Colonists - because we are talking about them - are not from this world.

War of the Worlds: GAMEPLAY 2015

War of the Worlds TRAILER 2012

GAMEPLAY "DEAD CALM" first level 2011


created by maax87

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I'm still watching the first part... O.M.G :O
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It looks very good so far but a bit dark in some areas so I can't see every detail. The level looks very high quality and reminds me of the 2012 TR game . There are some realistic things like the blood puddle amongst other great things! I am looking forward to this project and also:
Welcome to these forums Maati139!
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Wait, this is based on the movie?! O_O
I always wanted to see an custom level based on movies like this!
It looks superb, and super high quality, great use of meta2tr here!

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Oh my word, this is fantastic, I'm not lying when i say i was physically tense when the woman was screaming, and my mouth dropped when the gunshot sounded, the fusion of animation, sound and camerawork just in the opening scene is beyond almost anything i have seen done before in the editor previously. The lighting is dark and scary, the sounds, suitably decrepit and dank, the objects littering the floors and bobbing in the water create an amazing sense of realism (helped by all the great anims) and the atmosphere resulting from all this is truly awesome.

i must say this level has a scary and cinematic quality i was convinced wasn't possible with the editor.

My hat is off to you, i can't wait to see more!
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I'm only two minutes and all I have to say is holy crap, this is amazing.
The graphics have to be some of the best I've seen.

The animations, everything is just so flawless.
This is just so good, I really can't believe it.

Hall of fame for sure.

When can we download this?

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Well this has got to be one of the best TRLE games I have ever seen. When are you planning on releasing it?
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The sounds are amazing.

The atmosphere is amazing.

The use of cutscenes and animations is amazing. D:

It's so detailed. WOW.
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it looks so good i like the fact that is a suspense or horror game i love them i cant wait to play, and yes great use of meta2tr
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That moment where the room is filling with toxins is so intense, I'm amazing. Also by all of the burning, burning! D:
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