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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
Yeah closed combat should be about martial arts and choregraphed kicks more than mere punches. Maybe that could change depends the environment she and her enemies are.
To make things more interesting she could pick objects on the run that could be offensive (for instance spears, swords, crowbars...).
I also agree. I would love some melee combat and some melee weapons too, although it would indeed be better if it wasn’t scrappy.
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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Nope. Fights like that bore me half to death.

I realise that some people like it, so if hand-to-hand combat is added as an optional alternative to regular combat, then fine. But if fist fights are forced on me as no other option, then I'd not be happy. If Lara loses her weapons for some reason, I'd rather stick to stealth options.
Originally Posted by Aikon View Post
I would like non lethal takedowns, but for the rest I would like to see her always with some kind of weapon!
I don't like hand to hand combat.

Walking around with duals etc is more fun
After watching the video - Nope.
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I don't particularly want to see this because it throws me out of the suspension of disbelief to see a slip of a woman taking down brawly men with her fists.

It's better for me if she stealth kills them from behind with a knife or fights with her axe.

It worked ok in Lost Legacy once I made myself not be bothered by it, but I feel current TR is more grounded than that.
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Of course
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I think it could be cool, especially if her fighting style was sleek like the hand-to-hand fighting in the 2018 movie. Hellblade’s intimate one-on-one system could be a good fit as opposed to an outright brawler.
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I had some fun with the hand to hand combat in AOD but that was more because of how amusing it looked. I don't mind it as an option but I'm not sure if I would use it. I tend to agree with Rai.

Originally Posted by Rai View Post
If Lara loses her weapons for some reason, I'd rather stick to stealth options.
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I definitely want different melee options than what we have right now. I think Lara looks ridiculous swinging the axes like a maniac, especially after seeing in the comics and Shadow's cutscenes that she actually has fighting skills.

So yes, I would like some hand-to-hand/melee options but I definitely don't want punch battles like in the video in the op.

I like Chamayoo's suggestion of picking up objects like spears and crowbars and using them in combat.

Whatever they go with, I just would really like if they dropped the scrappy animations and actually showed Lara more in control, like in Shadow's cutscene as opposed to how she fights in gameplay. And of course, keep it optional.
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Yes!!! I have been wanting this since the classics! It's a natural evolution of the already established classic TR formula.
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why not?
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No, I like the way melee is done in reboot. I would only add a 3rd strike as part of it's combo, and a charged heavy single strike.
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