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Hey, thanks for all the great info! I had no idea kekko was following the dosbox-pure development.

So, from what you are writing, I gather that your tomb raider version will never run on pure, because itís a complete different Glide approach?

For what itís worth: I got the original 3dfx version from the CD running in pure.
However, without all your great fixes, though.
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Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
I gather that your tomb raider version will never run on pure, because itís a complete different Glide approach?
thank you for your interest in this thing btw

well yeah, I don't know about never, but surely it would entail an almost complete refurbishment of the installer script, to say the least

no disrespect intended for dosbox pure maker(s)' efforts
still by what I understand, parsing this here at least
(scroll down to: DOSBox Pure vs. classic DOSBox section and below)
I wonder if the effort would be justified, I mean aside from all those things 3dfx, the architecture overhead seems a little less robust, or I should say more awkward vs. classic
or maybe tbh I'm just not used to it enough

you see, when I tried to come up with a TRI install tool, easy yet with customizations, and as userfriendly as can be, I not only had been playing TRI for many years,
on Dos v6.22 and v7.0/7.1, Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 32 and 64bit, real & virtual environments, whatever malicious hurdles and elusive workarounds kept on coming across
well I had also been working on or with dosbox since its feckless 0.5x versions, and evolving hardware conundrums, as it all slowly was growing to deliver a decent TRI emulation viability, and same goes for all those wonderful classics like The Dig, the Monkey Islands, Day of the tentacle, Loom, Indiana Jones' Fate of Atlantis etc. etc. all them also getting playable using the excellent ScummVM emulator, which TRI obv. can't possibly depend on

I mean to say handling TRI, along the way using an image and its mount as opposed to a real cdrom, it just slowly came as almost natural a development
and until now I never saw a simpler way to get there.
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Yes, indeed, the whole RetroArch experience is a bit different. But it enables me to sit on the couch in the living room playing TR1
But I totally understand that providing patches for another platform is just too much work. I might just play TR1 on my PC and enjoy your great patch there!
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