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Question changing the music

I hope this is the right forum for this:

I've been wanting to play around with changing some of the music when playing for example TR4. So I converted some audio files from TR1 and TR2 to flac and inserted them in the TR4 audio folder under the correct names (numbers), but the audio does not play....

Also tried converting some files into wav to use in TR1, but here I have the same problems.

Any ideas?

Edit: I also tried in some trle levels with the same results.
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Are you sure TR4 uses FLAC format? I thought it was WAV format, but I can't swear it.

I found this old topic

They say you have to check the correct bit rate.

I never changed audio in original TR games but sometimes I changed audio files in custom levels and it works for me.

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Oups, I mixed up flac and wav in my post. But I did do the right thing in my folders

I now changed it to 354 kb/s but it still isn't playing. And now the main theme music is playing buggy version in game :/
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This is an interesting one I've come across before. Normal editing programs dont seem to get it quite right. This may be a little tedious but it should do it.

Grab madplay and start_me programs - these were released as part of custom levels (trle) in the earlier days which converts MP3 files to the correct WAV format for the engine. This was done to make trle downloads less bulky with larger wav files when high speed internet was less common.

I cant find a direct link to these tools on their own, but I did come across them recently in a package from trle net - the level is called
I am Legend by Masha and Clara. I'd download this and grab the two exe files from the downloads "audio folder"

Anyway, first up you need to convert your desired track changes to MP3 format in whatever program you already have.

You then need to move them to a folder somewhere named "audio", where you will also place both madplay and start_me.exe

You must name your audio according to the original audio files eg 000.mp3, 001.mp3 etc.. (you can rename these to the longer TR4 audio file names later!)

Now, run start_me.exe. they should now convert to WAV compatible for both TRLE and the original TR4. You should now have files named 000.wav, 001.wav etc..
You can now move these to your TR4 audio folder and rename them to the ones you want to replace.

I posted much the same in a thread here some time ago (final post) for an extra read. Just ensure to follow the conditions

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Common WAV format (PCM) won't work: Core used a compressed version instead, which is WAV ADPCM.

Audacity can do it in theory, if you select "other uncompressed formats" and then select the "Microsoft ADPCM" for encoding, but for some reason when I do that the track itself gets random clicks here and there (it's not a game problem, the file itself is like that).

The start_me tool is the easiest way indeed, if you don't mind converting your track into .mp3 before that.
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